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FIRE.002 Blog Goal

I want this blog to allow me to explore thoughts leading up to FIRE, thoughts in FIRE, activities, lifestyle choices and options. Let my thoughts, experiences, opinions/ideas and mistakes give you another perspective on retirement, pre-retirement and possibly your FIRE. My interests are Personal Finance—I consider this my new/lifelong job, Technology, Health, Fitness, Weight loss/management. …Read More

FIRE.001 LifeInFIRE,   it’s wonderful

Retirement!     I love my wonderfully happy LifeInFIRE. FI/RE, for many people, can be simply defined as living the wonderful life—or a future goal—of Financial Independence/Retire Early. The date of “early” can simply equal being able to retire. It may be to retire at 60 with enough financial independence to not be dependent on …Read More