Monthly Archives: January 2019

FIRE.073 Takeaways from my life to date

This was an article I wrote for Our story seems quite different than most, but anyone can use pieces of my life examples to better yourself, including my mistakes. Lessons:  My story to LifeInFIRE started as a (lucky) middle-class 12 years-old when I was taught how to save and how bonds/high-interest rates worked.  That …Read More

FIRE.072 Goodwill-Good Stuff, Goodness

This is an update to last year’s post. I went to Goodwill on Thursday, Jan 3rd, 2019 because I was passing by after the gym.  THE GOODWILL RACKS WERE PACKED!!!  I could not believe all of the items on the racks and shelves.  It was like hundreds of homes had cleaned out their over-consumption stuff …Read More

FIRE.071 WE-Day (WE-dnes-DAYs)

We decided to lock in a day of the week to make sure we do something cool together.  Maybe we’ll do something new, something totally out of the ordinary, maybe something far away, or maybe something small and normal-ish but still together. Even with so much available time in our LifeInFIRE we still find we …Read More