FIRE.152 Anything

Somehow along the way I’ve become encircled with gratitude. While I do take the moments after reaching my first-morning consciousness to take some breathes and appreciate my morning/day/life, I also have other gratitude times. I know, I know, again with my “commute,” but when I’m sitting in my spa, or on my patio each—and every—morning …Read More

FIRE.134 First thing in the morning

Before you get to your Daily schetchle… One of the amazing values in retirement is the awakening process.  You know, the process between when you begin to enter a coherent state, and when you are upright and doing things. Sometimes I lay in bed until 8 am relaxing, thinking, gratituding, planning my amazing day, or …Read More

FIRE.123 35-50

During my morning “commute” time I was thinking how BAM, the decades seem to have disappeared. To be more precise, it almost seems like I jumped from 35 years-old to 50 years-old in a matter of a few years, at most.  I feel my wife and I lose track of seasons (and years?) because of …Read More

FIRE.117 I’m Rich…in Time

There is one impossibly strong force that bounds all of us and it’s not gravity, it’s time. No matter who you are you have limited time! I just realized my shift in thinking this morning on my “commute” (sitting in my spa).  I had previously considered health to be the most important factor in life.  …Read More

FIRE.113 What a Morning

Life In FIRE example.  Today is Saturday.  Yes, I know in FIRE “every day is Saturday.”  But today really is Saturday and my morning was typical, but this specific morning, I took specific notice of its amazement. Today I woke up feeling nicely rested after sleeping in a little.  I woke up naturally.  It was …Read More

FIRE.106 Quarantiners Can’t Be Choosers

Oh, how life is different in the midst of a global—craziness—pandemic.  How the most superficial of our consumer activities change so drastically, causing a dramatic effect on our acquisition of goods (and services). Are we essentially reduced to being beggars locked in our own homes?  I’ve learned to be thankful—so very thankful— that items arrive …Read More

FIRE.028 My week on FIRE

Opening my eyes each morning is a wonderful thing. Yes, it’s always great to be alive each morning, but knowing that the day ahead is my own is so amazing.
My point is your entire day/week task time shifts in FIRE. Not only do you have more time for your tasks, you are flexible in the completion of these tasks.
Stress reduction and life enjoyment are critical for us. I believe health, happiness, and family are super important…