FIRE.005 Schetchle your life

Did you ever have something huge explode from the simplest of things? Maybe a life change from some small occurrence. Maybe a new friendship from crossing paths accidentally. Maybe a new job from a chance meeting. Maybe your relationship from a little spark? Sometimes acting on that one simple thing may lead to something great. …Read More


In the midst of my afternoon brain-chilling, cooling, relaxing—not quite meditating time, I realized I’ve hit 8 years in FIRE.  I’m now well beyond any 7-year itch or stretch.  I was thinking, that if I were an “ordinary” retiree at age 65, then I would be into my RMD phase and having to do extra …Read More

FIRE.150 FIRE Time Travel

FIRE allows me time freedom, or more specifically, schetchle freedom. Let me continue to expound on my travels—post Palo Alto Tech Bro observation. Much like a wanderer but with a more defined route, I sketched out a 2 or 3-week road trip.  This trip was quite honestly one that had been on my ToDo list …Read More

FIRE.148 I know, I know, a Tech Bro?

I have an observation today that is far from my normal thoughts—it’s even geographically distant. I was able to take a long “schetchled” trip driving the west coast from San Francisco to Portland.  I’ll write more about that next time.  Today’s thought came about before I even arrived in San Francisco. Being a tech guy—apparently, …Read More

FIRE.141 7 Year Stretch/Review

Fritz recently posted his retirement reality vs his retirement vision and Kevin Lyles suggested some of us share our retirement reality vs retirement vision. I sat back, reached my arms up in a nice stretch and thought “hmmm, how does this all line up?) Initially, I was thinking this would be an exciting exercise comparing …Read More

FIRE.137 20 minutes until?

I haven’t really talked to many people about my strange/shocking/sad moment last week but I will here because it’s part of my LifeInFIRE. My schetchle ended up shuffling around so that I had a swim listed on Tuesday, October 5th, 2021.  I list the exact date because, well it changed a part of life for …Read More

FIRE.134 First thing in the morning

Before you get to your Daily schetchle… One of the amazing values in retirement is the awakening process.  You know, the process between when you begin to enter a coherent state, and when you are upright and doing things. Sometimes I lay in bed until 8 am relaxing, thinking, gratituding, planning my amazing day, or …Read More

FIRE.074 Sale Away Cruise Deals ?

We finally decided to take a last minute cruise since we have an awesome schetchle. We’ve always heard of the specials to fill the rooms at last minute, or even the last month or so before departing.  Cuba sounded like a great place to visit—one of those better-do-it-now kind of places. I noticed there were …Read More