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FIRE.057 One-Step Below Cool

It seems most everything I do is one-step below cool.  I do not have the perfect everything.  I do not think of all the cool things I’d like to have.  However, I have an absolutely great life, but it’s not perfectly awesome and luxurious.  I guess it’s just plain-old awesome.  [“Find The Positive“] I know …Read More

FIRE.056 Student Loan Advantage

For parents/grandparents/wealthy relatives,  I realized how to make college more valuable for the student. It seems from the news reports that America is in a student loan crisis.  A crisis that is growing under the surface of the economy that is hurting the up-and-coming generation.  I do not have any idea how to fix that, …Read More

FIRE.055 Dividend Paying Asset: House

What dividends are you earning on your investments?  Which of those are guaranteed dividends? I was listening to Big ERN on ChooseFI who mentioned his home paid him a monthly dividend.  That’s just GENIUS.  It’s really a reverse, tax-free dividend—no need to worry about dividend/LT cap gains rates on this one. There are people who feel …Read More

FIRE.054 Part Deux – Repriorment

What do you do part deux?  I could spend weeks writing about how many different ways our collective could share our lifestyle with the commoners/consumers.   Wait, I already do that here.  FIRE is really just relief retirement from a fixed career, a Repriorment if you will. (thanks Linda for sharing this term which sums up the …Read More

FIRE.052 Good News, Goodwill

Let’s talk about shopping.  There are AMAZING deals at Goodwill. If you’re lucky in your adventurous search you will score big. You could outfit your home with new items or have a new wardrobe, or both. Let’s talk about discount shopping—with a plan…

FIRE.051 ChooseFI Group: Enjoying Life

FI: Financially Aware, Financially Optimizing; Enjoying Life.  That is the title I wanted to use, but Jonathan and Brad’s ChooseFI podcast deserves the headline.
I’ve now met repeatedly with two local ChooseFI groups and the meetings continue to be some of the most amazing meetings ever.
….what if the other 9,999 people out of 10,000 could learn 1/3 (1hr per month) of these ideas, skills, hacks?