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FIRE.036 Student Loans in Retirement?!

Can you imagine going into early retirement with a student loan payment? I know we all have different life situations and accomplishments, which is what makes people/life so interesting. We’ve all read about controlling—understanding—your spending before FIRE, so that you lessen the money stress in “retirement.” We often read about paying off all consumer debt—which …Read More

FIRE.035 Same Spouse, Same House, Same Family Size & Cars

Sameness Stability can lead you to a stronger foundation in many aspects of life. Swapping to new homes, cars or spouses may cause to you rebuild or adjust your life foundations. Controlling costs are the first structural building opportunities.Life can be a balance of happiness, lifestyle and net worth. If you can’t enjoy every—or most—days, then it’s time to regroup! Right?

FIRE.033 Your Money Level by Grade

I can’t seem to get enough knowledge about personal finance. I constantly read—and calculate—personal finance. The personal finance topic seems to have transitioned from one of my interests, to a hobby, to a passion, to my current “job.” It is by far the most important job I’ve ever had. It’s actually more like a ‘career,’ …Read More

FIRE.032 5/20 = 20/50, what?

I’m talking YEARS here! 5, 20, 50 years. The span of 5 years when you’re 15 to 20, seems to feel about the same elapsed time as say 20 years when you turn 50. I’m serious here. Those long 5 years when you’re young are a big chunk of time. You may go through many …Read More