FIRE.023 Xmas Revelation(s)

I give myself the best Christmas present every year. I create a plan to have three (or so) Christmas Revelations for the upcoming year. I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. That’s too common place. Besides, I want a head start on great new improvements/changes. It’s a present to myself. To me, these revelations are things …Read More

FIRE.021 Make your life easier

Here’s the thing, “money doesn’t buy happiness.” That what poor people may tell you. Yes, many poor people are very happy with their life. However, I believe that being a well prepared middle-class person/household has HUGE advantages for you. In being well prepared, I am specifically talking about having a cushion—a buffer— in your savings …Read More

FIRE.011 Act 3 = FIRE

Act1 school, Act2 work…Act3 FIRE. Your life is a dramatic endeavor. Financial Independence Retirement Early is just one phase/Act of your life. When you retire, you can open up all the possibilities of the world.

FIRE.008 Health, Happy, Family

Quick, concentrate on your foundational priorities. What are they? Do you embrace each of these every day? Maybe multiple times per day? I’ve mentioned before that when I go to bed, it is my favorite time of the day. NO, not for the reason you may be thinking about. I find that I think clearly …Read More

FIRE.003 Retirement: FIRE to me

What is retirement? The end of your life? Shutting down? Wrapping up? Vegging out? FIRE is not the end of your life. FIRE is the beginning of an entirely new chapter of your life. It should—could—be the start of an amazing adventure or simply, time for you. I currently believe my definition of “retirement” is …Read More


2022 Updates: What am I doing?! How did get started on this blog? I’m just a normal guy, nothing special, nothing I generally prefer to be outspoken about, yet somehow I ended up posting my thoughts and ideas. The blog came from a simple word I created one day to describe my schetchle to my …Read More