My Reads

To make my daily consumption of Money/Finance blogs/podcasts easier, I made my own start page.             Maybe this will help you, probably far more than I do.

Michael Kitces -Super great money research
Retirement Researcher -Dr Wade Pfau, Prof of Retirement Income
Retirement Manifest -Amazing site to help prepare for retirement

Money Guy -Excellent podcast
Mad Fientist -Technically awesome
Can I Retire Yet -Great info, perspectives, examples, calculator reviews…

Mr Money Mustache -One of the originals
Well Kept Wallet -For getting started, building a foundation

Go Curry Cracker -Tax master/Traveler -Learn from others !!!
Bogleheads -Foundational and great opinions/perspectives

Radical Personal Finance -So many very detailed topics
Retirement Answer Man -from detailed to friendly to entertaining

Clark Howard -Clark got me locked in on my plan over a decade ago. THANK YOU

Dough Roller -Good information
Money For The Rest of Us -Economics type podcast
Paul Merriman -Pushing people toward a better financial future

READ, LEARN, empower yourself with knowledge.
In true frugal fashion, you should check your local library and/or inter-library loan.

The Millionaire Next Door -Spend less than you earn, save/invest the rest.
The Simple Path to Wealth – Great easy to follow book

Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing -Read this as soon as you can
Bogleheads’ Guide to Retirement Planning -continue what you learned in Investing book

You Can Retire Sooner Thank You Think -Think smart, retire sooner
The Truth About Money -Here’s so much of what you need to know
Early  So much knowledge here from those who know (many who are FIREd).