FIRE.118 Am I Rich, Really? (time)

Last time I left a brain dump on the interweb I wrote about the majestic feeling of being Rich, in Time. I want to revisit that thought and post.  I was quite naive, to say the least. I based the thought/post on the sleeping vs work timeline.  The ability to shift daily time around to …Read More

FIRE.117 I’m Rich…in Time

There is one impossibly strong force that bounds all of us and it’s not gravity, it’s time. No matter who you are you have limited time! I just realized my shift in thinking this morning on my “commute” (sitting in my spa).  I had previously considered health to be the most important factor in life.  …Read More

FIRE.116 “Cute” = $$$

I didn’t notice the definition of “cute” in the masculine handbook.  Maybe it was because the man handbook doesn’t even include the word “cute.”  Come to think of it, I don’t EVER recall walking around and saying “that’s cute.”  Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever thought that either.  Yes, I know, in this day and …Read More

FIRE.115 Hedonic Treadmill Thoughts

I heard a sociologist on the Crazy Money podcast talking about the Hedonic Treadmill.  They discussed the treadmill for a little while and it all seemed quite normal for any of us in the FIRE—or even Financially Responsible—community.  Hmmm, I wonder if I just created a new community—a Financially Responsible community of not purchasing anything …Read More

FIRE.114 COVID: Retirement Test Drive?

Most FIRE bloggers and journalists (me included—the former) spent the past few months sharing the opportunity we had to improve our lives and the environment with major opportunities to use the quarantine/lockdown to make ourselves so much better. Then I noticed a lot of writings about how the people working from home have newly-found flexible …Read More

FIRE.113 What a Morning

Life In FIRE example.  Today is Saturday.  Yes, I know in FIRE “every day is Saturday.”  But today really is Saturday and my morning was typical, but this specific morning, I took specific notice of its amazement. Today I woke up feeling nicely rested after sleeping in a little.  I woke up naturally.  It was …Read More