FIRE.150 FIRE Time Travel

FIRE allows me time freedom, or more specifically, schetchle freedom. Let me continue to expound on my travels—post Palo Alto Tech Bro observation. Much like a wanderer but with a more defined route, I sketched out a 2 or 3-week road trip.  This trip was quite honestly one that had been on my ToDo list …Read More

FIRE.149 6 yrs

I noticed I’ve been typing these random thoughts for 6 years.  I wonder, why do I bother doing this?  Why!?  The interesting answer is, I don’t know why.  I never really think about that.  I just see my MS Word document and find a topic thought, I then finish up one of those dozens of …Read More

FIRE.148 I know, I know, a Tech Bro?

I have an observation today that is far from my normal thoughts—it’s even geographically distant. I was able to take a long “schetchled” trip driving the west coast from San Francisco to Portland.  I’ll write more about that next time.  Today’s thought came about before I even arrived in San Francisco. Being a tech guy—apparently, …Read More

FIRE.147 Wait! Net Worth…Weight?

I’ve learned a lot in my life and I love that I keep learning.  Over the past few years, I’ve realized my learning has often shifted from tactical/functional learning to more often being thought-provoking and even possibly philosophical (scary!) learning. One thing that has always been clear to me is that setting a goal and …Read More

FIRE.146 20/20 Vision

I was thinking about the wise people that say it’s a great idea to spend time with people who are 20-years older than you, as well as 20-years younger than you—or something to that effect. Think about that for a few minutes.  You most likely spend time with people that are very close to your …Read More


I was typing fun bucket the other day and had a shift key issue and noticed if a few letters were missing and I ended up very similar to “FU money.”   That got me thinking about enjoying, maybe “going for it” a little (or more than a little) The typo and my mind shift made …Read More

FIRE.144 Chautauqua or Minitauqua?

So it turns out money nerds like hanging out with other money nerds.  It’s like the cool club, but only if you know about it.  I’ve only been to the small-scale gatherings and medium-scale gatherings of this type.  I’ve never been to the granddaddy of FI gatherings. SMALL GATHERINGS are what I consider local meetups.  …Read More

FIRE.143 Another Decade

I’m still thinking about life.   I’m thinking about chunks of time.  I think decades seem to be a logical chunk of life-time even though planning 3, 5, 7-year chunks seems easier to plan for.  So here I go with more random thoughts: At 25, maybe you were working a good job.  Your life was rolling …Read More