FIRE.101 Accidental Job 3

Last post I wrote about two of my cool accidental jobs.  In this post, I’ll share my coolest accidental job. Relevance I read a LOT of articles about money and retirement.  I also think a lot.  For instance, as I typed the previous sentences I realized that the word “read” could be current or past …Read More

FIRE.174 LifeBeforeFIRE

Somewhere along the way, I remember hearing and reading about a FI blogger posting all their jobs.  Their dozens and dozens of jobs. I started to do that somewhere (computer people/spreadsheet geeks have files for everything, all over the place) but I don’t remember where it’s all located.  Maybe in Google Keep now? I was …Read More

FIRE.173 Best Purchase

I’ve written about the good things in FIRE, the good things in life, and many positive thoughts. Today I was thinking about my wife’s Peloton bike we purchased in Nov 2022. Quickly; my wife has been spinning 3 times per week since 2007ish.  Ten years ago they were getting new bikes so she purchased one …Read More

FIRE.172 7 years

I’m just thinking.  Emotional thinking?  What am I thinking?  Is my time being used (mostly) for what *I* want? I’ve been typing my random thoughts for SEVEN YEARS now.  Seven years is a long time! College Seven years is longer than I was in college, and that felt like a very, very long time.  I …Read More

FIRE.171  EconoMe

I was feeling the dreaded FOMO a couple of months ago when I saw many of my FI friends were going to the 2022 EconoMe conference in Cincinnati in March.  The conference was officially on Saturday and Sunday. I thought I should find a roommate and go.  Go, so I could check in with past …Read More

FIRE.170 Certified! / Certifiable?

Am I certifiable?  Or am I chartered?  Is there a classification for me that’s applicable? In November I was thinking it would be interesting and fun to sign up for the CRPC Chartered Retirement Professional Counselor program. Interest/Concern I know a couple of people who’ve gone through the program, studied for the exam, and …Read More

FIRE.169   First period

The first shift when I play hockey is a shock to the system.  I go from a nice, slow warm-up with a few laps and some stick handling/shooting activities to a FULL SPEED puck-chasing body-bumping-heart pumping effort.  My whole energy system jumps into a this-again mode. Normal Morning That is similar to the first morning …Read More

FIRE.168 “Christmas Card”

I’m not a “real” spender.  I’m not really any kind of “shopper”…well except deal of the day sites.   I am mostly frugal but will buy some things I want from time to time.  It just usually takes me time to think of/realize what I want.  Then I figure out the best model/features that fit …Read More