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FIRE.187 10X Strategy

TLDR: Decumulation in retirement is 10X harder than working/accumulation. Is my thought valid?  Could it be that the accumulation period ends (preferably) when you want it to end—when you have enough to leave your career?  Decumulation is hard for so many reasons.  They can be 1) you don’t know your end-of-plan date, 2) you don’t …Read More

FIRE.186 Freedom On Trial

BAM!  Normal life startled me this morning. 6:30a this morning came around too early.  It wasn’t that it was earlier—or much earlier—than I often wake up, but rather the fact that it was my alarm buzzing away that upset me. I was jolted by the sound of my distant path.  I was required to be …Read More

FIRE.185 Do you care?

One of my (internal) superpowers is that I don’t really care what other people think when they choose to judge.  I don’t spend any time wondering what people think about me or others.  To be clear, I’m not a bad person and I do not try to cause harm to anyone, but rather I have …Read More

FIRE.184 FI-Nest, FInest

Your environment matters.  My wife keeps using the word aesthetics at me.  It feels like an aggressive term to me requiring changes and costs, since I prefer the efficiency of space. How do you think about your home environment? I like to have my stuff organized (and not moved around) so I can find the …Read More

FIRE.183 QTR-Quality Time Remaining

What do you wanna do with your life?  In a world long, long ago there was a hit music video on a channel that played music videos instead of stupid reality shows.  An abusive father was yelling the question at his son.  A normal kid from the 80s, much like me. Now 40 years later …Read More

FIRE.182 4% Compass vs GPS

Where are we?  Where are we headed?  Are we there yet? In the space I hang, many money-wise people are planning a great future—and hopefully living a great today while knowing they’re on track for an AMAZING future. It seems that the foundation—or dogmatic guiding—principle of FI is the 4% RULE.  If you lightened up …Read More

FIRE.181 Does FI=Wealthy?

I was reading about wealth in a retirement book and it mentioned FIRE.  It mentioned FIRE, I believe, in the sense of saving all your money early and young, then leaving work in your 30s.  This is the media story portrayal of FIRE. I’ve said many times that Early Retirement to me is someone who …Read More

FIRE.180 Health,Happiness,Helping

I think I’ve fine-tuned a previous thought.  I hear non-stop all these people saying FIRE is bad and “retiring” should not be the goal and it probably isn’t good for you, blah, blah, blah. Let me tell you what’s not the best for someone; going to work every day and giving away the majority of …Read More