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FIRE.101 Accidental Job 3

Last post I wrote about two of my cool accidental jobs.  In this post, I’ll share my coolest accidental job. Relevance I read a LOT of articles about money and retirement.  I also think a lot.  For instance, as I typed the previous sentences I realized that the word “read” could be current or past …Read More

FIRE.173 Best Purchase

I’ve written about the good things in FIRE, the good things in life, and many positive thoughts. Today I was thinking about my wife’s Peloton bike we purchased in Nov 2022. Quickly; my wife has been spinning 3 times per week since 2007ish.  Ten years ago they were getting new bikes so she purchased one …Read More

FIRE.172 7 years

I’m just thinking.  Emotional thinking?  What am I thinking?  Is my time being used (mostly) for what *I* want? I’ve been typing my random thoughts for SEVEN YEARS now.  Seven years is a long time! College Seven years is longer than I was in college, and that felt like a very, very long time.  I …Read More

FIRE.171  EconoMe

I was feeling the dreaded FOMO a couple of months ago when I saw many of my FI friends were going to the 2022 EconoMe conference in Cincinnati in March.  The conference was officially on Saturday and Sunday. I thought I should find a roommate and go.  Go, so I could check in with past …Read More

FIRE.170 Certified! / Certifiable?

Am I certifiable?  Or am I chartered?  Is there a classification for me that’s applicable? In November I was thinking it would be interesting and fun to sign up for the CRPC Chartered Retirement Professional Counselor program. Interest/Concern I know a couple of people who’ve gone through the program, studied for the exam, and …Read More

FIRE.168 “Christmas Card”

I’m not a “real” spender.  I’m not really any kind of “shopper”…well except deal of the day sites.   I am mostly frugal but will buy some things I want from time to time.  It just usually takes me time to think of/realize what I want.  Then I figure out the best model/features that fit …Read More

FIRE.167 Intelligence?

If I could let ChatGPT do the work… Financial Independence Retire Early: Financial independence, retire early (FIRE) is a movement that advocates for saving and investing a high percentage of one’s income in order to achieve financial independence and the ability to retire at a young age. The idea is that by living below one’s …Read More

FIRE.166  Xmas morning…evening

Well, the only thing I opened on Xmas morning was a positive covid test.  Now, less than a week later I am fine, back to 100%.  I only have 18 hours of feeling crappy. This event interrupted my normal drafted programming. Xmas eve (Sat) after a 6-hour long large family gathering I had the chills.  …Read More