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FIRE.167 Intelligence?

If I could let ChatGPT do the work… Financial Independence Retire Early: Financial independence, retire early (FIRE) is a movement that advocates for saving and investing a high percentage of one’s income in order to achieve financial independence and the ability to retire at a young age. The idea is that by living below one’s …Read More

FIRE.165 When? If Not Now?

I don’t seem to do all that much in retirement.  I often feel like I am not accomplishing a lot.  I do get all kinds of things done, and even more things started.  I also LOVE my life and the activities I am doing every single day.  But, I wonder, is there more, can I …Read More

FIRE.163 Why do I wait?

For as long as I can remember I’ve been trained to defer gratification.  I will think of something(s) I want and then I put these items on my don’t forget list while I fine-tune my requirements, monitor pricing options, and then purchase at what seems like a great time to buy. Vehicles We did this …Read More

FIRE.162 I Hate this Post

There are times when things happen that cause total chaos in our lives. Some unexpected action or issue that throws everything that was flowing along out of control.  It’s not the same as a freeway backup caused by an accident…unless you’re in the accident.  It’s not like a dam bursting and the rushing water flows …Read More

FIRE.159 Whacked

Life around me keeps changing.  Life around all of us keeps changing.  I’m sure that our normal pattern of whack-a-mole issue resolution is very common.  It’s our nature to fix each problem that pops up and then move on, often to the next problem. I’m suggesting that we take a moment—many moments—to stop and recognize, …Read More

FIRE.158 Throttle Up

I’ve often thought of activity and effort in relation to gear shifting in a car.  More specifically, to me downshifting at times.  Some of us understand the concept of shifting from 4th gear to 5th gear and driving harder or downshifting from 5th gear to 4th gear for an upcoming corner. Recently I was driving …Read More

FIRE.156 40years of finance

I’m 52 and I realized that I’ve now reached 40 years of finance/saving/planning experience.  I’ve mentioned before that my dad started teaching me about our family finances: spending tracking, saving, bond investing, home mortgage, etc when I was 12 years old. Saving I had to open a savings account when I was 12 after I …Read More

FIRE.155 Claiming your Place by the FIRE

I’m thinking way out of my knowledge zone here, but here goes… I understand that tribes tend to gather around a fire for community and cultural activities.  I heard on a podcast that the tribes often put their most experienced or most influential storytellers close to the campfire.  It’s like center stage in the tribal …Read More