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FIRE.196 Have you ever wondered…

Do you wonder about things?  Do you find yourself googling and gathering data and turning that data into information? Do you enjoy building up knowledge, skills, and abilities over time?  Do you find satisfaction in understanding more things? I have really noticed my interest in Curiosity. I love getting information about everything.  There is so …Read More

FIRE.193 Hell yes or no, or Yes

It’s time to say yes to most things. Why wobble on decisions?  Why wait to do something later, in the future?  Why over-calculate the cost, time, value, and importance-wasting time??  Why not say Yes, NOW? Yeses I’ve had the opportunity to go on multiple trips with my FIRE $lackers friends/family.  Kathy and I joined almost …Read More

FIRE.192 What’s Time Worth?

This is one of those “should I mow my own lawn for an hour every two weeks or is my time worth more than that” post.  That mowing question is similar to my original thought but probably fewer overall hours per month than what I’m thinking about—at least for most people. Incremental Saving I feel …Read More

FIRE.190 Misfit?

What is a misfit?  Oxford dictionary: “something that does not fit or that fits badly.” That seems to describe me in so many ways, but that’s not exactly what I’m thinking as I type this.  Instead, I’m thinking about how something changes and now there’s an issue, a problem, or some would say “a possibility?” …Read More

FIRE.188 “Policy”

Do you ever think about responsibility?  I was thinking about mental health issues everywhere and all the social media blaming.  I was wondering if our society has shifted the responsibility of one’s thoughts and actions to another party.  (why is it is a “party?”) In another time, long ago, when I was growing up, I …Read More

FIRE.185 Do you care?

One of my (internal) superpowers is that I don’t really care what other people think when they choose to judge.  I don’t spend any time wondering what people think about me or others.  To be clear, I’m not a bad person and I do not try to cause harm to anyone, but rather I have …Read More

FIRE.182 4% Compass vs GPS

Where are we?  Where are we headed?  Are we there yet? In the space I hang, many money-wise people are planning a great future—and hopefully living a great today while knowing they’re on track for an AMAZING future. It seems that the foundation—or dogmatic guiding—principle of FI is the 4% RULE.  If you lightened up …Read More

FIRE.181 Does FI=Wealthy?

I was reading about wealth in a retirement book and it mentioned FIRE.  It mentioned FIRE, I believe, in the sense of saving all your money early and young, then leaving work in your 30s.  This is the media story portrayal of FIRE. I’ve said many times that Early Retirement to me is someone who …Read More