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FIRE.084 Back Rack, Sale Rack

Hey you, yeah you, go to the back of the store!  Are you like most people who walk by, or into a store and see all the cool merchandise up front attempting to draw you in?  Yeah, we all see that stuff.  However, the financially astute of us bypass those racks/shelves and head for the …Read More

FIRE.082 We PASSED the Joneses today

I was thinking about this whole “keeping up with the Joneses” thing the other “WE-day” when my wife and I were driving on the freeway at 11a and drove past dozens and dozens of office parks with smallish businesses.  When driving past these businesses, I always think about how half of the people in the …Read More

FIRE.081 401k/IRA part of your 4% payday?

DONE!  25xExpenses saved.  You’re ready!  Time to truly evaluate the FIRE lifestyle, or Fully Funded Lifestyle change many of us are talking about right? [insert screeching sound]  BEFORE jumping headfirst into your new awesome lifestyle, please (re)consider two things: Are you calculating your 401k/IRA’s balance(s) in your 4% withdrawal rate? Are your expenses all-inclusive of …Read More

FIRE.080 3 YEARS…1095 days

Three years ago I decided that I should place deposits from my brain on the interweb once in a while.  1095 days have passed with random LifeInFIRE thoughts appearing a couple of times per month. Why?  There is no need in this world of existing information for some strange guy spewing additional words onto the …Read More