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FIRE.200 The Opposite-inside the Box

Perspective is an interesting thing.  It is generally envisioning from my frame of reference.  I know it’s important to view things from others’ perspectives as well to give another data point for the upcoming processing that I tend to undertake.  But this post is about looking at something from another perspective that I chose to …Read More

FIRE.198 Are you, who you are?

Do people leaving a career and venturing into the amazing world of FIRE, retirement, freedom, fun, and the unknown accurately believe they will become a great new person?  Does one’s purpose lie just beyond that final pay period? The Monday after a long multi-decade career doesn’t energize someone into a magical new being.  There is …Read More

FIRE.197 Have you ever wandered…

To play on the title from my last post…what’s out there? Have you had the ability to take a chunk of time and roam around?  Did you do this while on vacation and in a town somewhere?  Did you roam as part of vacation from location to location—wherever you may roam and end up? Did …Read More

FIRE.196 Have you ever wondered…

Do you wonder about things?  Do you find yourself googling and gathering data and turning that data into information? Do you enjoy building up knowledge, skills, and abilities over time?  Do you find satisfaction in understanding more things? I have really noticed my interest in Curiosity. I love getting information about everything.  There is so …Read More

FIRE.195 Retirement Drift

Are you on track?  Are you moving along the path you have planned or the path you want to head down?  Drift Like in surfing, where you’re sitting in the lineup, outside the break, you feel like you’re stationary in one place.  Yet, after a while, you notice the current has drifted you up/down the …Read More

FIRE.194 Wasting or Rewarding

What is a waste of time?  We’ve heard this phrase over and over—all the time.  Is it a structure of our driven-to-succeed society that concerns us with such detailedness? Can time be wasted?  Or does time just pass no matter what?  Is looking back at passed time a bad or good thing? In my LifeInFIRE …Read More

FIRE.193 Hell yes or no, or Yes

It’s time to say yes to most things. Why wobble on decisions?  Why wait to do something later, in the future?  Why over-calculate the cost, time, value, and importance-wasting time??  Why not say Yes, NOW? Yeses I’ve had the opportunity to go on multiple trips with my FIRE $lackers friends/family.  Kathy and I joined almost …Read More