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I was typing fun bucket the other day and had a shift key issue and noticed if a few letters were missing and I ended up very similar to “FU money.”   That got me thinking about enjoying, maybe “going for it” a little (or more than a little) The typo and my mind shift made …Read More

FIRE.144 Chautauqua or Minitauqua?

So it turns out money nerds like hanging out with other money nerds.  It’s like the cool club, but only if you know about it.  I’ve only been to the small-scale gatherings and medium-scale gatherings of this type.  I’ve never been to the granddaddy of FI gatherings. SMALL GATHERINGS are what I consider local meetups.  …Read More

FIRE.143 Another Decade

I’m still thinking about life.   I’m thinking about chunks of time.  I think decades seem to be a logical chunk of life-time even though planning 3, 5, 7-year chunks seems easier to plan for.  So here I go with more random thoughts: At 25, maybe you were working a good job.  Your life was rolling …Read More

FIRE.142 Structure yourself for decades

Sometimes my head just starts thinking.  This thinking can head down many paths, and frequently calculations are involved.  I don’t know why, they just are.  In one recent brainwave activity pattern, I realized that one day you’re 25 years old, and then the next week you are 45.  That is almost how the decades happened— …Read More

FIRE.141 7 Year Stretch/Review

Fritz recently posted his retirement reality vs his retirement vision and Kevin Lyles suggested some of us share our retirement reality vs retirement vision. I sat back, reached my arms up in a nice stretch and thought “hmmm, how does this all line up?) Initially, I was thinking this would be an exciting exercise comparing …Read More

FIRE.140 Breathing Around…

I’m interrupting some of my CampFI sequential thought-posts for this out-of-nowhere surprise. I guess I’ve been out-and-about, and irresponsibly breathing around. So, the crowns attacked me.  I can’t believe with all my healthy lifestyle activities and my double-dose vaccine barrier, that the little crown viruses attached themselves to me and broke through my defenses.  I …Read More

FIRE.139 Non-CampFI Investing

Now shifting from CampFI SW in my last post, I noticed a post that I started in January 2020 after CampFI SE.  It’s a must share for an opposite perspective. From 2020-01: I decided after CampFU (that was a typo, but actually kind of applicable) to drive across the Florida panhandle and explore the gulf …Read More

FIRE.138 CampFI Southwest 2021

I’ve said it before, and I’ll write it again—hanging out with people who make you better is one of the best things you can do for yourself and those around you. I’ve been to five CampFI gatherings around the country and each one is very interesting and valuable to me.  There is an abundance of …Read More