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FIRE.033 Your Money Level by Grade

I can’t seem to get enough knowledge about personal finance. I constantly read—and calculate—personal finance. The personal finance topic seems to have transitioned from one of my interests, to a hobby, to a passion, to my current “job.” It is by far the most important job I’ve ever had. It’s actually more like a ‘career,’ …Read More

FIRE.032 5/20 = 20/50, what?

I’m talking YEARS here! 5, 20, 50 years. The span of 5 years when you’re 15 to 20, seems to feel about the same elapsed time as say 20 years when you turn 50. I’m serious here. Those long 5 years when you’re young are a big chunk of time. You may go through many …Read More

FIRE.028 My week on FIRE

Opening my eyes each morning is a wonderful thing. Yes, it’s always great to be alive each morning, but knowing that the day ahead is my own is so amazing.
My point is your entire day/week task time shifts in FIRE. Not only do you have more time for your tasks, you are flexible in the completion of these tasks.
Stress reduction and life enjoyment are critical for us. I believe health, happiness, and family are super important…

FIRE.027 99cents —for my thoughts

We’re now closing out February and many people still have great plans to lose weights and/or get their money under control. Of course, I have the same goals—keep my weight and money under control. These tasks are similar, yet quite different. Weight– After years of learning how to manage my weight (after losing over 140 …Read More