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FIRE.171  EconoMe

I was feeling the dreaded FOMO a couple of months ago when I saw many of my FI friends were going to the 2022 EconoMe conference in Cincinnati in March.  The conference was officially on Saturday and Sunday. I thought I should find a roommate and go.  Go, so I could check in with past …Read More

FIRE.170 Certified! / Certifiable?

Am I certifiable?  Or am I chartered?  Is there a classification for me that’s applicable? In November I was thinking it would be interesting and fun to sign up for the CRPC Chartered Retirement Professional Counselor program. Interest/Concern I know a couple of people who’ve gone through the program, studied for the exam, and …Read More

FIRE.169   First period

The first shift when I play hockey is a shock to the system.  I go from a nice, slow warm-up with a few laps and some stick handling/shooting activities to a FULL SPEED puck-chasing body-bumping-heart pumping effort.  My whole energy system jumps into a this-again mode. Normal Morning That is similar to the first morning …Read More

FIRE.168 “Christmas Card”

I’m not a “real” spender.  I’m not really any kind of “shopper”…well except deal of the day sites.   I am mostly frugal but will buy some things I want from time to time.  It just usually takes me time to think of/realize what I want.  Then I figure out the best model/features that fit …Read More

FIRE.167 Intelligence?

If I could let ChatGPT do the work… Financial Independence Retire Early: Financial independence, retire early (FIRE) is a movement that advocates for saving and investing a high percentage of one’s income in order to achieve financial independence and the ability to retire at a young age. The idea is that by living below one’s …Read More

FIRE.166  Xmas morning…evening

Well, the only thing I opened on Xmas morning was a positive covid test.  Now, less than a week later I am fine, back to 100%.  I only have 18 hours of feeling crappy. This event interrupted my normal drafted programming. Xmas eve (Sat) after a 6-hour long large family gathering I had the chills.  …Read More

FIRE.165 When? If Not Now?

I don’t seem to do all that much in retirement.  I often feel like I am not accomplishing a lot.  I do get all kinds of things done, and even more things started.  I also LOVE my life and the activities I am doing every single day.  But, I wonder, is there more, can I …Read More

FIRE.164 ToDo -> Remember List

Have you heard this before; “I’m so busy not working that I don’t know how I ever had time to work.” Productivity I’ve been thinking about how I keep running out of day before I’m able to complete enough of my ToDo List.  I now wonder if I’m too busy, or if I’m just less …Read More