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FIRE.183 QTR-Quality Time Remaining

What do you wanna do with your life?  In a world long, long ago there was a hit music video on a channel that played music videos instead of stupid reality shows.  An abusive father was yelling the question at his son.  A normal kid from the 80s, much like me. Now 40 years later …Read More

FIRE.182 4% Compass vs GPS

Where are we?  Where are we headed?  Are we there yet? In the space I hang, many money-wise people are planning a great future—and hopefully living a great today while knowing they’re on track for an AMAZING future. It seems that the foundation—or dogmatic guiding—principle of FI is the 4% RULE.  If you lightened up …Read More

FIRE.181 Does FI=Wealthy?

I was reading about wealth in a retirement book and it mentioned FIRE.  It mentioned FIRE, I believe, in the sense of saving all your money early and young, then leaving work in your 30s.  This is the media story portrayal of FIRE. I’ve said many times that Early Retirement to me is someone who …Read More

FIRE.180 Health,Happiness,Helping

I think I’ve fine-tuned a previous thought.  I hear non-stop all these people saying FIRE is bad and “retiring” should not be the goal and it probably isn’t good for you, blah, blah, blah. Let me tell you what’s not the best for someone; going to work every day and giving away the majority of …Read More

FIRE.179 thrEEE

What is money for?  Why do we save our money?  Is the deference of spending vital to any part of our life? I made it a point to search out answers to these questions…no, I didn’t!  I just wonder sometimes, what do I want/want to do? I’ve come up with thrEEE answers:  Easier, Enjoyment, Energy …Read More


Chief Spending Officer is the newest term I’ve come up with in our household.  I was trying to figure out what to spend some of my Playcheck on and struggling as usual with the task (sadly).  My wife offered to help and she said “I have things I want to buy.”  How is it that …Read More

FIRE.177 Whatever, Whenever, or Never

If you are lucky enough to live full-time, free time as I talked about in my last post/thought, how do you organize your time?  Or do you even need to manage your time? There’s a lot of discussion in my $lackers group about purpose and passion.  Over the years we pretty much decided that as …Read More

FIRE.176 Full Time Free Time

The concept of Full Time Free Time flew out of my mouth on a Zoom the other day.  I thought, yep, that’s how I roll.  I think it sums up what my LifeInFIRE is all about.  I’m aware that others may get different results. Free time can be used for anything.  You can do nothing …Read More