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FIRE.104 FIrus

One week you’re living your normal life—grinding away in a Monday thru Friday, then weekend—repeated routine, then BAM, the new temporary normal begins. I’ve frequently shared the thought of “enjoy each day” with an attempt to bring a little centering to our lives.  The—stop and take a minute to exist in the now— that was …Read More

FIRE.103 Isolation Goals

Make Progress.  Grow.  Learn.  Improve. I’ve decided to take this time of self isolation to improve.  I want to find specific actions I can take to make myself better.  I believe now is a great time to focus on This is an unprecedented opportunity to be forced to concentrate on home-based activities without interruption from …Read More

FIRE.102 COVID-19 Posting

I had to post this update related to the COVID-19 virus as it seems to be required of everyone this week. My inbox is bursting with notices from more email addresses than I could have imagined.  Here goes: I implore you to take all sane precautions to protect yourself, your family, and those around you.  …Read More

FIRE.101 RothIRA wrong choice?

In the past, we maxed out 40X accounts and then had some money left over to save…before paying our bills [do you like that…”before bills”].  Before we were optimizers we just put that money into savings accounts, then became wiser and used little brokerage accounts.  Then I became even smarter and thought, “let’s pop that …Read More

FIRE.100 I’m 20% older?

At a retirement retreat a little while ago I had the realization that I’ve always been at least 20% older than myself…than my actual age. Let me explain.  I tend to think differently than my peers.  I tend to get along with people older than me.  I tend to get into more interesting discussions with …Read More

FIRE.099 Raving 20s

So have you been thinking about how we’re leaping into a new year?  Do you have your list of New Year’s Resolutions?  Or maybe you have been planning on just tackling some activities that have been awaiting progress or completion?  Nothing too grand, of course… The good news is it’s a leap year— you get …Read More