FIRE.194 Wasting or Rewarding

What is a waste of time?  We’ve heard this phrase over and over—all the time.  Is it a structure of our driven-to-succeed society that concerns us with such detailedness?

Can time be wasted?  Or does time just pass no matter what? 

Is looking back at passed time a bad or good thing?

In my LifeInFIRE I have a very different view/respect of time.  I no longer base my “time” reference on my after-work or weekend hours.  I also have a clear understanding that I may have an average of 1400 weeks left.  Of those, 700 may be full MoJo/GoGo weeks.  The later remaining weeks will be slower or nothing weeks.

I thought of this post idea (“my random thoughts”) while lying in bed the other morning—as I often do—for 20-30 min after waking upIs this time wasted?  Sure, I could have completed multiple items on my don’t-forget list each day, or any of the days.  Or am I using my time wisely, reflecting on the previous day, and the day ahead?

Almost always when I am out of bed—upright/vertical—I am so grateful for my day.  I have taken on a positive mindset (a large percentage of the time) and know how amazing of a life we’ve built.  Decades of having less than others while enjoying life and simultaneously planning for our future.  [Were we the “Jo” of the “Jones” with less?] 

Having taken 20-30 minutes of my day to do something other than activities, I have instead taken that time for my mindset (I don’t think I do “mental health,” but I definitely do Metal Health).  Not very many people are lucky enough to wake up slowly and take in the amazingness of their life.  I want to pause there—do you stop and think about the amazingness of your life?  Do you think about how the greatness in your life?  Of course, we have stuff that sucks or can suck at the moment/phase, but we have so much more greatness.  I feel instead, that so many people are shocked (buzzered) into their rush-around day.

I’m not there yet (as of this 2024 writing), but many people take a 20-minute nap to “recharge their batteries.”  They often wake up from the nap and have enough energy for another round of accomplishments for the day.  Isn’t that just another form of taking a few minutes for yourself to energize?  Are those 20 minutes wasted time?  If not, then why would mind-energizing first thing in the morning be any different?  We’re all just energy and carbon after all…or something life that.  (that was a purposeful typo).

While I often get engrossed in some stuff on my computer and tend to accomplish less “home/life” things, I don’t feel like I’m wasting time, even as it’s ticking by.  I enjoying my time.  I’m learning, gathering data, giving, and being curious among other things.

I’m curious if you purposely allocate your time to what you enjoy.

*** Nothing in this article is to be construed as financial advice.  I am not a financial planner, nor do I pretend to be.  You should always consult your own professional when seeking advice. This post is not a piece of literary mastery, just a random thought I had.

2 thoughts on “FIRE.194 Wasting or Rewarding

  1. Vader

    As I get older in life I let go of what I once considered to be bad habits. By that I mean I stop judging myself for what I enjoy. I enjoy it. It is for me and no one else. So why label it.

    This can be anything for anyone. For me it’s reading endlessly or playing a mindless video game. I judge myself less and less and accept it. Which means I enjoy it more

    1. Kevin Post author

      You made me really think about the the word “judge.” You are right and wise. It’s your interests and if you enjoy them, you should follow your interests. We only get so much time for ourselves that we should be sure you consciously enjoy our time when we can. Thanks for reminding me that internalizing ourselves at time is a good/great idea.


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