Monthly Archives: June 2016

FIRE.010 Tracking our spending

Let’s get down to it. How do you know where you stand? How are you doing? How can you possibly know if you’re doing well financially…Would you go to the gym for an hour once a month if you were told it would drastically help your health? Tracking your spending for one hour a month helps your financial health…

FIRE.009 Think 60

Why do you think normal retirement age is 65, 66, and early is 62ish, and late may be 69+? Having been freed from my 8-5 job, I’ve had time to reflect on many, many thoughts. My newest thought is to “think 60.” The more I thought about “think 60,” the more I realized it can …Read More

FIRE.008 Health, Happy, Family

Quick, concentrate on your foundational priorities. What are they? Do you embrace each of these every day? Maybe multiple times per day? I’ve mentioned before that when I go to bed, it is my favorite time of the day. NO, not for the reason you may be thinking about. I find that I think clearly …Read More