FIRE.149 6 yrs

I noticed I’ve been typing these random thoughts for 6 years. 

I wonder, why do I bother doing this?  Why!?  The interesting answer is, I don’t know why.  I never really think about that.  I just see my MS Word document and find a topic thought, I then finish up one of those dozens of ideas that I’ve noted/started over time.  These ideas come about when I’m out in the real world and I see something interesting and I think “blog thought.”  That’s exactly what happened with the Homeless Tech Bro. 

Do I plop these posts on the interweb because I’m a “writer”-NO.  Are they because I’m a person who shares—No.  Are they because I’m a thinker, and an odd-ball, yep.  I think that’s exactly the reason.  Plus they gave me something interesting to do and learn technology-wise. 

So 6 years now.  In comparison, that is like jr high+high school.  Even stranger, that is like undergrad + grad school (assuming I was on a quick 4yr plan for undergrad). That is a large chunk of time for something unnecessary.

Back to learning technology; I was talking with my wife the other day about when I created a webpage and put our dog on the internet, in 1996!  I figured, he (the dog) was very into himself and should have a worldwide web presence.  That was long before cat videos degraded worldwide productivity.

Hmmm, am I the new version of our dog, sitting on the internet for no reason   No, not exactly.  I guess, I just figure that some piece of my random thoughts may give someone else something (different) to think about. 

That’s all. 

…Think Different…

*** Nothing in this article is to be construed as financial advice.  I am not a financial planner, nor do I pretend to be.  You should always consult your own professional when seeking advice. This post is not a piece of literary mastery, just a random thought I had.

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