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I recently had a history-focused post. It seems that I’ve been gathering historical information for some reason.  Actually, the most likely reason is that I’m getting old and it seems that as people get older they become more interested in history—as they become historical figures themselves.

Today’s thoughts are on the very interesting Benjamin Franklin. 


Here’s one fact I took from my video course on Ben—he was an 18th century FIRE proponent.  Ben retired early from his hugely successful printing business at 42 years-old in 1748. 

Ben was an influencer, much like a blogger (an anonymous blogger) as he published his both factual and the often sensationalized Poor Richard’s Almanac.

Passive Income:

Ben develop passive income, the golden ring of personal finance.  Ben took on a partner for his printing company and in 1748 retired from the day-to-day business letting his partner take over and splitting the profits 50/50 with Franklin…a PASSIVE INCOME franchise for the next 18 years.

Followed Passions:

This is where things continue to get more interesting.  Ben, as I like to call him, then transitions to new passions.  His “early retirement” from his daily career was not a path to leisure, but rather an opportunity to delve deeper into his passions. 

It’s believed Ben planned to dive into science—which he did of course— but he took on a huge civic role and was part of creating a new country.  I would also like to add, he clearly was enjoying his FIRE (wealth/status/lifestyle/ladies) on slow travel to France, etc.

More Powerful:

Can you accomplish more in FIRE than in your career?  Could your passion include scientist, inventor, politician, philanthropist ) and being a founding father of a country (or company)?

The power of FI/RE can allow anything to happen.  The possibilities are endless.  Maybe you just choose to become a better, happier person within yourself, or toward your family and friends, and community or on a much larger scale. 

So many FIRE internet police state that people retiring young hurt the workforce and degrade the country’s economy.  I can tell you that my company didn’t skip a beat when I left.  They simply placed another person (who was looking for work) in my position and the work was completed.  Maybe the two of us performed differently or even different tasks, but nothing stopped, not at all.

I can tell you that I give of myself and my time a LOT more than I ever did when I was working.  I feel I contribute to society more than I did when I was “a worker.”  Benjamin Franklin showed on a massive scale what could be done when your time and brain are dedicated to the larger picture.

Find your Benjamins!

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*** Nothing in this article is to be construed as financial advice.  I am not a financial planner, nor do I pretend to be.  You should always consult your own professional when seeking advice.

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