FIRE.002 Blog Goal

I want this blog to allow me to explore thoughts leading up to FIRE, thoughts in FIRE, activities, lifestyle choices and options.

Let my thoughts, experiences, opinions/ideas and mistakes give you another perspective on retirement, pre-retirement and possibly your FIRE.

My interests are Personal Finance—I consider this my new/lifelong job, Technology, Health, Fitness, Weight loss/management.

So much of what I’ve accomplished in life is relate to goals, clearly identified, measurable goals. I’m really not an overachiever— type A person. I believe I’m a type A- person. I knew what it took to earn an A in school—generally 91% — and used the other 9% of my time to do things I enjoyed. Some call this the “good enough” mentality. This mentality has served me well. I definitely meet my goals, yet truly enjoy so much of my life. I tend not to overstress about much, except maybe the 91% getting in the way of my 9% time—but that’ not real stress at all.

My plan is to alternate posts between pre-FIRE and FIRE if possible. That will allow those preparing for the future (pre-FIRE) and those living LifeInFIRE to get ideas that may help give another perspective. One interesting note that I’ve learned over the past few years is, pre-FIRE people should understand what LifeInFIRE is like to not only plan for the financial Independence activities, but also for the lifestyle and attitude of being FIREd. One thought is that even while living LifeInFIRE, you still have to plan for the future with regards to spending, tracking investments and cash flow, spending wisely, etc. pre-Fire and LifeInFIRE are not mutually exclusive. If done correctly, there is quite a bit of overlap in planning and attitude, the main difference is your available time for all activities.

Never forget that your planning and controlling your existence do not end even if you reach your goal. New goals emerge every time. That must be the nature of goal seekers.

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