FIRE.161 Lazy or Lazer…Laser

We intentional thinkers and planners spend years and decades thinking and concentrating on our life goals.  We steer our energy toward targeting our life’s happiness.  We create plans and track our progress, we work up alternate scenarios, and we basically use project methodology for our life

Yes, we are Laser focused to get to—or toward—our goals.  But then what?  Do you set new goals, or do we shift into a different Lazer mode—a Laz(y)er mode?

A few years ago, I was talking to Justin Root Of Good at CampFI Virginia.  We had both been early retired for a few years and I asked how he spent his days.  His days are substantially different than mine in relation to his multiple children requiring dedicated effort, but during the school day we are both essential “on our own.”

If I recall he mentioned doing some activity or exercise, maybe getting some errands or tasks completed, and the opportunity for doing whatever he wanted with no particular goal in mind.  Hmmm.  Now if the conversation did go as I recall, then my recent posts about the “$lackers” (over-achieving $lackers) seems like it was forecasted years ago in our little conversation.

Do we all need to strive for a purpose?

Do we all need to have goals? 

Can’t we just live each day/week for enjoyment and keep things moving along accordingly?

In the past few days, I’ve done some chores.  I fixed our gate with an adjustment.  I replaced the tub spout that seemed to be a complicated last fall but turned out to be no problem.  I screwed up the toilet paper holder in the bathroom and now have multiple drywall holes that need to be patched (hello YouTube).

But overall, my past week has been all about me doing what I want.  I’ve exercised.  I’ve read articles and some more in my books.  I’ve crafted a little gift for a slacker.  I’ve worked on financial stuff.  I’ve scootered to a surfing festival and lived some of the California lifestyle.  I’ve done whatever I wanted to do.

So, I go back to my original thought.  Have I been Lazy or Lazer Focused on enjoying myself?  Are those the same or different?  If I’m not actively doing something physical (exercise or chores), am I Lazy?

I’m saying Laz(y)er focused is my new Laser target.

I just saw a recent presentation by Justin:

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