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FIRE.052 Good News, Goodwill

Let’s talk about shopping.  There are AMAZING deals at Goodwill. If you’re lucky in your adventurous search you will score big. You could outfit your home with new items or have a new wardrobe, or both. Let’s talk about discount shopping—with a plan…

FIRE.051 ChooseFI Group: Enjoying Life

FI: Financially Aware, Financially Optimizing; Enjoying Life.  That is the title I wanted to use, but Jonathan and Brad’s ChooseFI podcast deserves the headline.
I’ve now met repeatedly with two local ChooseFI groups and the meetings continue to be some of the most amazing meetings ever.
….what if the other 9,999 people out of 10,000 could learn 1/3 (1hr per month) of these ideas, skills, hacks?

FIRE.50 MMMMM Frosting

I think I’ve found something sweet in life!
Nearly every morning as I wake up I take a few moments to relax and prepare for the day. … There are many wise people that take some time each morning to meditate calming or clearing their mind, so it’s possible I’m doing this in my own way.

FIRE.049 Retirement is Crazy Busy

Just think about this; think about the long holiday weekends when you get a glorious day off. Now there are some people—don’t hate them— who feel like every day is Saturday. The people get to “live off-peak.” My Task list is no longer a to-do list, but rather a loose set of items pretty much centered around my schetchle.

FIRE.048 FI’ers

A couple weeks ago I met with the Phoenix ChooseFI Local group and it was one of the most amazing meetings ever. Gathered around a large table were over a dozen people who are taking control of their financial lives.  Some are starting this as a new level goal while others are expanding their financial …Read More

FIRE.048 Your Timeline vs Automobiles

…cars today versus 50 years ago…us 50 years from now…? My wife and I were thinking about how things change. Small changes over time add up to huge differences from point A to point B. We thought about her ’69 mustang and how it’s almost 50 years old…