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FIRE.090 Benjamin Franklin FIRE

I recently had a history-focused post. It seems that I’ve been gathering historical information for some reason.  Actually, the most likely reason is that I’m getting old and it seems that as people get older they become more interested in history—as they become historical figures themselves. Today’s thoughts are on the very interesting Benjamin Franklin.  …Read More

FIRE.089 Pure Zen

Today I had a nice moment of full relaxation, calm, clarity, extreme gratitude and maybe pure zen.  This is the kind of moment so many of us enjoy but experience so rarely.  How do we create these moments for ourselves and our loved ones?  What should we do to bring this experience to light? My …Read More

FIRE.088 FIRE Perception…Ughh

It just happened again!  Over the past few months, maybe a year or so, I’ve encountered so many people that explain FIRE (to others) as “people living a very-low cost life so they can afford to retire in their 20s or 30s.”  Sometimes they add “so they can live off of 20 or 30 thousand …Read More

FIRE.087 This Country Started in Debt

My wife and I took a little journey thru the history of our country last month when we visited Virginia.  We encircled almost the entire state on our little journey exploring the mid-Atlantic. We were able to see representation on what life was like in 1607, the 1770s, 1860s & 1960s. We were quite surprised …Read More

FIRE.086 Transition Thoughts

This is for Tracy. I’m excited to hear about your transition from full-time work—at the office you drove to and from every weekday—to your new work-from-home position.  What an amazing feeling to be free from both the office desk and the (mostly) wasted time in the car I have some thoughts for you to consider: …Read More

FIRE.085 Power Center CampFI

Over Memorial Day weekend I was lucky to attend a “Financial Conference” as I explained it to people.  In truth, it was a hangout session for money nerds, which was quite accurately disguised as a “camp.” I’ve been to a CampFI before, the “Southwest” version at Joshua Tree, and was just as thrilled this time …Read More