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FIRE.129 REally? (fiRE)

Retire Early!  I’ve seen so many articles and podcasts popping up lately all being over sensitive toward the “not Retire Early” web trolls.  I guess it’s pretentious (?) enough to say you are “Financially Independent,” but you seem to cross the line when you say “Retire Early.” Career Control I know that I wasn’t working …Read More

FIRE.128 Follow the Masses?

This post is all about how to increase the satisfaction in your days, and in your life.  If not satisfaction, then at least increase your optimization and decrease your level of annoyance.  Or is that just my strategy? I constantly hear about “keeping up with the Joneses.”  I used to wonder who would spend their …Read More

FIRE.127 Mustang/Life Repair Lesson

I have an example of a dumb decision/life lesson learned.  It wasn’t a problem, or cause any negative effects on our lives, but it was there was a loss.  This is a lesson to enjoy life. My wife at one time had an old car that worked fine.  It was a pleasure car, a “classic.”  …Read More

FIRE.126 10 Favorite Things

I talk to people about my favorite/most important activity—10 Favorite Things—all the time. Surprisingly, I searched on myself—actually in my posted LifeInFIRE thoughts—and I cannot find where I clearly describe this process and its importance to me. Important Activities Here’s what I learned from the Playing With Fire movie.  I learned about creating a list …Read More

FIRE.125 5-year-blog

I noticed the other day that I have completed five years typing random thoughts into the interweb.  That’s a little scary…! It’s a little scary that five years of life flies right by.  That’s ten percent of my life hammering away on a keyboard for no reason other than the one below.  BUT, the scariest …Read More

FIRE.124 Age is Relative

Relativity Rules All. In some ways, I feel old – tired from over-workouts, from living life, and consciously seeing and observing the world.  I look at this positively, from a perspective of being active and engaged. While it’s true that sometimes I can literally feel the weight of gravity on my being, that’s not a …Read More

FIRE.123 35-50

During my morning “commute” time I was thinking how BAM, the decades seem to have disappeared. To be more precise, it almost seems like I jumped from 35 years-old to 50 years-old in a matter of a few years, at most.  I feel my wife and I lose track of seasons (and years?) because of …Read More


I should state this upfront; I’m very far from being a millennial.  I lack so many of the traits; being energized by social engagements, being born with technology, being raised where everything is possible, and even having very few acronyms to explain my lifestyle, etc.  Yet, the YOLO philosophy is very intriguing to me, at …Read More