FIRE.108 Your Butterfly after Isolation

How will you emerge from your time inside, your lockdown isolation, your quarantine, your cocoon?

Did you/are you growing yourself (and your family) into something beautiful upon emergence?  I sure hope you are not the opposite—sitting around depressed at what you cannot do.  Instead look at the opportunities that have arisen while in lockdown:

  1. The appreciation of most everything.  Starting with the amazingness of life itself.  It’s not often we actually stop and think about being a living being.  A growing, aging, energy source in the universe.  Of course not, we’re too busy rushing around to our next task/obligation required by our lifestyle.  However, with current isolation requirements, many of those external obligations are not required, or even possible.
  2. The appreciation of those around you.  Those who you share your days with and are so much of your life’s energy.
  3. Enhance those around you.  What can you do each week (or each day if you’re an over-achiever) to make someone else’s life better?
  4. Everything that you have at this moment.
  5. Everything that you do not need at this moment.
  6. Enhance your life space for yourself and those who enjoy the space along with you.
  7. But most importantly, the opportunity to work with the most complicated item in the known universe, your brain.  This is an amazing time to enhance your wondrous possession.  If not grow your brain, maybe take some time to calm your mind.

I had a random realization with my body.  I’ve been quite fit and strong for the past 20 years.  Interestingly I recognized a noticeable loss in muscle/muscle mass over the past year or so.  I thought it was because I wasn’t eating meat, yet still getting plenty of plant protein. 

I had been doing two full-body strength sessions since 2000.  I had great results for 19 years.  Because of lockdown, I bumped up my resistance/strength training to 3 times per week since my hockey/swim options were eliminated.  It was amazing to me how the 3rd week or so I began noticing better muscle structure. 

I really started to think about how a process can become less impactful if it’s the same old process (routine) time after time if there are external forces—in this case (most likely) AGE.

If I’ve learned anything over time it seems quite simple:  “be better than yesterday.”  It just seems these simple words could make a huge difference to everyone.

*** Nothing in this article is to be construed as financial advice.  I am not a financial planner, nor do I pretend to be.  You should always consult your own professional when seeking advice.

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