FIRE.062 CampFI…Mind Blown

72 hours of amazing!

Last weekend I joined 60+ AMAZING people for a weekend of…well, when I really think about it, was a weekend that’s almost indescribable.

  • It was a group of people “taking control of their financial lives in order to build an amazing future.”
  • It was a group of people who have vastly different lives and experiences, all of whom are locked into a better future and
  • It was a group of people who probably ranged in age from 20’s to 60’s. A group of ages where anyone of any age could talk to another person of any age, and it was extremely easy and valuable for both.

Before I go any further, I want to say that I wasn’t able to talk to everyone.  Here’s the kicker, this strikes me as surprising that I noticed my disappointment of not being able to engage with 100% of everyone.

I normally don’t talk to many people.  I usually choose to listen to conversations and try to be a participating-observationalist.  I’m quite introverted in real-life.  Yet it was easy and actually energizing to converse with probably 65% of the group over the weekend.

At CampFI, with ALL the freaking amazing people I wanted more.  I asked questions, probed into people’s lives, asked for stories, and it seemed we all opened up, I’d bet more than—or much more—than we normally would to other people we’d meet.  I felt truly connected to this group as a whole and individually.  Many people attending now know more about my life and thoughts than anyone outside of the Camp.

Everyone I spoke with was very smart, sharp, well spoken, logical, thoughtful and probably the best part, super funny, snide, witty and spot on with their jokes/comments.  I laughed so much, even with people I’d just met minutes before.

Here’ the deal: presentations, pop up breakout sessions, small group gatherings, board game groups, hiking/running/biking/meditation/yoga/drinking groups, LONG meal discussions in the cafeteria which could last until the NEXT meal, group discussion standing outside at 1am because people can’t make it back to their room, and my fave (the worst part?) was the “goodbye” announcement that took 45 minutes or so.  It’s the people you meet.

Over the weekend I noticed EVERYONE that I spoke with I made a connection.  Actually, I felt a core connection with each amazing person speaking with me.  This connection and interest seemed to happen nearly immediately.  There was a genuine interest in that person’s life and path.  The connections came in many different areas of life, but I believe all were forged due to a common core value we all hold.

This internal power, being in control, being better, working to be even better, being different than so many others just turned out to be the deep value we all possess and could feel from each other.

There were also some connections that went truly deep.  Someone who just seemed to have a similar situation with me.  A conversation that could have gone on for hours, or possibly did.  A connection that will continue in the future, and most probably in person again—not just online.  I just think how special that may become.

I feel the bottom line is, not very many people think about FI and the power it entails (yet?).  This large group understands, and there is a bond between us.  I’m going to find those connections at future CampFI’s because I want (need?) this “tribe.”

To the extra special few:

Quick thanks to Stephen for the bias for action to set up these camps (side hustler, but for our benefit).  The connections we all made, make a difference.

To Brad and Jonathan for thinking up a great ‘generic-ish/inclusive’ podcast that is engaging for such a wide breadth of interest…you have solidified ideas and sparked change, and linked together so many thousands (and possibly hundreds of thousands) of lives.  My hat’s off to you both.  Truly world-changing—for decades in the future.

The takeaway:  Find others like you.  Go to the meetings if you have a group nearby.  Go to CampFI or a similar even if you can.  Even if you’re not a social person, continue to surround yourself with people like you, or people you’d like to become, and expand your group of those who have the same core values.

“CampFI…You’ll sleep when you get home”


*** Nothing in this article is to be construed as financial advice.  I am not a financial planner, nor do I pretend to be.  You should always consult your own professional when seeking advice.

14 thoughts on “FIRE.062 CampFI…Mind Blown

  1. Kevin T

    Love it!! Thanks for this – you articulated exactly how I felt. Now I can just reference this article to my friends and change the last name and make it my own (haha, j/k).

    You forgot to sign the article with your stage names: TrailerFI or ActionFI. Seriously, I would never have taken you for an introvert!! Maybe the red triangles influence:)

    1. Kevin Post author

      KevinFi’s. You are smart. We can be the K-FI_duo. I need to need do a post about the nicname/handle creations many of us came up with. I have over 100 ideas because, while there may be “5 Finance topics,” there are thousands of perspectives.

  2. CompostFI

    Kevin, pleasure getting to know you more. I had such a fantastic time that weekend and am so happy to have found my tribe. 🙂
    It should be noted that it was YOU who organized the breakout sessions and those breakouts made the weekend so much richer.
    I wish I was able to stay up late like you guys to connect with you’ll late into the evening but my body just couldn’t handle it.

    1. Kevin Post author

      Your comment actually makes me wonder what I missed over the weekend. I think we were all over capacity and still kept going. My sleep app showed major abnormalities for 4 nights/days!

    1. Kevin Post author

      It seemed so hard to get back to the room to do anything. Naps, re-grouping, all seemed to take a back seat to talking. You were great, people I know are still talking about your presentation/”coaching us” session.

  3. David

    Sounds like a very valuable experience. I think the more articles like this that are published and shared, the closer, and larger this community becomes and will build the momentum of the FI message. Thanks for writing.

    “CampFI…You’ll sleep when you get home.”

    Having been to four of these so far, I can confirm this statement. Definitely worth it.

    1. Kevin Post author

      If people find easy ways to learn better money skills leading to FI power like teaches, AND they find a tribe of people to talk with and learn with (ChooseFI & CampFI), the change in our financial culture will amazing. I”ll get to meet you at future CampFI’s. Thank YOU for what you do. I rock my FIO shirt frequently walking around Encinitas, CA.

  4. Jane

    So bummed I didn’t find out about CampFI SW until after the fact. That would have been so great to attend. Glad it was all that and then some. I will catch the next one for sure!

  5. Captain DIY

    I see, though it’s a bit hazy at the moment, a Camp FI in my future. This article shines a light on it, though I still can’t tell exactly how far away it is. Someday I will get to one. You have provided me true motivation!

    1. Kevin Post author

      Find a CampFI close-ish by, or at a destination you can explore on a trip. The cost of the camp turned out to be a good deal for lodging/food/entertainment/learning. It’s cheaper than most any of our 3 day weekend trips. It will invigorate you.

  6. Nancy

    Thanks for articulating so well what we experienced at Camp FI SW! It was wonderful experiencing the impromptu round tables that you assembled last minute. It was the bonding that made us realize that we are on this journey at different entry points but the commonality is ageless, as you pointed out.
    Thanks for articulating so nicely!

    1. Kevin Post author

      It was so fun. It was great meeting and talking with you. My brain grew so much from all the amazing-ness of everyone.


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