FIRE.017 Enjoying life through all phases

YOLO! You Only Live Once. Of any fact in the universe, it sure seems that we are definitely living now, right here in the present. I’m assuming this isn’t some sci-fi imaginary life. So this may be our one and only lifetime. I know there are afterlife and previous live ideas, yet I don’t really know much about those.

Based on my narrow focus of living this current lifetime, I would like to have the very best life possible. This entails many goals such as: enjoying my time, being a good person, being good to others, helping others, etc.

Having just traveled to South America and witnessing huge areas where people seem to have VERY few possessions, I can’t help but think about what I have in my life. I think about what those around me have as well. So many of the people I met while traveling seemed quite happy. Everyone I encountered was friendly.

This is not something I can say from my daily experiences in the US. Is it possible we have built up a higher level of desire/needs thereby creating a lower threshold before we start to get anxious or upset? Take a couple minutes to think about what upsets you. How can you lessen those feelings, or even better, turn them around and find happiness?

I’ve tried for a decade to “find the positive.” How I wish I could become much more zen. I’m getting better, but I still have a LONG way to go. This takes me a lot of constant effort.

Now, having said all the above, I still LOVE my life. I actually have a t-shirt that states “I love my life.” I am thankful every morning I see the sun. Obviously, it’s much better than the alternative(s). I find great things in every day. I know I am blessed. I do still struggle with “bummers” each day, but they don’t slow me down.

I definitively have plenty of ideas on living a good life for myself. The term “myself” being of primary concern since I can only control myself. Of course, I do have the ability to extend beyond myself and try and give to others. I know giving is a core foundational happiness trait of so many people. Giving must be a way to be bigger than yourself.

Quick thought: Forget the bucket list, make sure you’re enjoying life now, every day. Start working on collecting experiences now. These experiences can include the experience of giving to others.

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