FIRE.034 FIRE Morning Miracle

With all respect to Hal, I have a slightly different perspective of The Morning Miracle.

I agree with Hal’s book. I love the thoughts. I just found my application strangely different—which I know Hal wants from all his readers—for my Miracle Morning.

I differ on the awakening time. Yes, each day we all must wake up (it’s MUCH better than the alternative) and take on the day. No dreaded BEEP, BEEP, BEEP or for me it’s the opening of songs on my phone alarm (like an upbeat song or sometimes Metallica -For Whom The Bell Tolls, if you’re heard the beginning, this is funny/ironic) these alarms are not too welcoming when I’m comfy in bed.

Hal’s goal is to drive the start of the day in an awesome way—again perfect. Hal explains most of us have a hectic morning: damn alarm clock, shower, dress, food, kids, traffic, WHAM work $h!t stuff.

Oh, but the magic of FIRE (or even FI) giving you the power (and perspective) to know you’re in control. I’m super lucky. I do not have to wake up at a specific time to “be at work.” Therefore, I don’t have to set my alarm earlier to set up my positive passion for the day. In FIRE, I get to start my own day. THAT IS THE MIRACLE. Well, it’s a miracle if you choose it to be.

So, my step one—of waking time—is already my own miracle. When I wake up, I feel positive, how can I not? I actually don’t sleep in much at all, because I’m so happy to get up and have my day.

It’s interesting that I’ve followed many of Hal’s ideas for years, somehow instinctively. I have silence and reflection time when I’m sitting in my spa every morning. The spa used to be my “commute” time—between my bed and my home office when working. In addition to the silence/thinking/reflection in the spa, I also will read to learn, grow, motivate myself while I’m in the spa.

I ALWAYS drink a large glass of water first thing so I’m hydrated and my blood is full and fueling my brain with oxygen… or whatever it all does.

I know what exercise I’m going to do for the day. I know what my main/priority tasks are for the day. In FIRE, I can even push those tasks to a future date because I don’t have to cram everything into the weekend. [side note: FIRE is so worth the planning and effort it takes] I often perform some of my tasks first, then head off to exercise somewhere between 8-11a. My body doesn’t want to run, bike, swim or gym at 5 or 6a, but that’s OK. I can still get my body engaged and activated in the “morning,” just later morning.

Going to sleep is AMAZING in FIRE. Every single night when I lay down, I think about the day and how it was great, how my life is great, and how tomorrow is all mine. That is GREAT. It makes falling asleep very easy.  See my 2 am secret on middle of the night activities.  All of this thoughts makes waking up positive and motivated natural.

I love my miracle life. I mentioned that in posts. I have a t-shirt stating “I love my life” and wear it often (around the house).

YOLO—Enjoy your life, your days, your mornings!

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