FIRE.50 MMMMM Frosting

I think I’ve found something sweet in life!

Nearly every morning as I wake up I take a few moments to relax and prepare for the day.  I don’t even have to think about my daily plans (those activities are already in my schetchle but rather think about how amazing life is.

Of course, we all know that each morning we see the sunlight is much better than the other option, but how thankful are we?

I have found that laying in bed, being comfortable, knowing that I’m so lucky to have lived my life in a way so far to allow me to fully own my day as my own, really sets me up for the great day ahead.  There are many wise people that take some time each morning to meditate calming or clearing their mind, so it’s possible I’m doing this in my own way.

The other day I was enjoying the start of my morning, feeling VERY comfortable and content, laying under the fluffy down comforter when I realized that I’m like the frosting on my bed cake.  Yep, sometimes a calm mind comes up with strange things.

So, my bed is the nice soft foundation of the cake and the comforter is the fluffy frosting on the cake.  I was laying there in full comfort right in the middle of the sweet frosting.

Everyone should have the opportunity to take advantage of some of this “frosting” time.  All too often we are jarred awake by an alarm, we pull ourselves out of bed—or delay the inevitable before getting up—and drag ourselves into the day.  If only more of us could find the few minutes to lay in the frosting and enjoy the sweetness of what we have—even if only for 5 minutes.

I have written before how the best time of my day is the 10-15 before I fall asleep. I’m realizing more and more that sleep is where your body recovers, repairs itself, reset itself and realigns to for the upcoming day(s).  It is important to maximize your sleep almost as much as you maximize your day.  Your health may depend on it.

I believe I have always thought about many things differently than others.  My mind is usually a straight-ahead plan, but I also envision random ideas along the way.  I’m not artistic, but I’m possibly mentally creative?  I guess I’m sharing an alternate perspective—maybe one you could try to get a different perspective and outcome for yourself.

There is so much zen about mindset.  I really try to work on zen but it’s not my nature.  Yet I continue to try and find calm.  Finding this frosting time—and naming it—has made it more of a functional time than just being lazy.  I know my days, especially my mornings, have been better because of enjoying the frosting.

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