FIRE.026 What the F!? —F The Rules!

All the fury of articles this year about the new incoming Fiduciary rule got me thinking. I thought about how and when a government and the mass media determined they must be our protectors.
It should be clear to that WE are responsible for protecting ourselves. First and foremost, we had better be sure we use the available information to make a determination on how to protect ourselves and our family.
Shouldn’t we try and work with Fiduciaries when possible? Maybe we should be cautious that that most people are out to protect themselves, but not necessarily to your detriment. Consider ALL the instances when you have to been cautious. Buying a car, buying a home, dental care, car repair, insurance, even charitable giving. Try and find the best for your needs without harming others.
So then, why should the government, a religious organization, the news, et cetera be the primary party to protect us? I surely think their opinion/information is possibly a valuable input to help guide us, but we should always verify—in order to make our decision—then see if we can find a checkpoint of some source.
The government has to try and manage a state, a country or influence the world. Seems like it’s much easier for us to be responsible for ourselves/our families.
I say proceed as you trust in yourself. Educate yourself. Then continue to educate yourself more. It’s no accident you are above average, or maybe well above average, or possibly an outlier.

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