FIRE.025 Why are you doing that!?

Have you ever been asked this question? Do people wonder what you’re doing? Somebody must not understand you, right? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Maybe you are unsure, or need to be reminded, why you are doing something. It could be anything that you do.

I asked myself this question after thinking about my overloaded post.

I thought, if there is already too much personal finance content out there for one to consume, what am I doing blogging? Why? After a little thought, I realized, I’m just thinking like I normally do, but it’s coming out of my fingertips. Nothing more than that.

Maybe this blog is like my mental notes—from my plan. I’m thinking about my current lifestyle. Thinking about my current plan. Thinking how my present syncs up to my pre-FIRE plan. Thinking how others plan and see things. Thinking about how this activity elevates my skills and knowledge. All of this thinking just flows through my fingertips. (It also flows onto dozens of little sticky notes/notepads). I’m full of thoughts and ideas. Actually, my wife says I’m “full of it.” She’s right of course.

Why are you doing what you do? Are you wasting energy, duplicating existing items? Or, are you doing things that feel right, feel good? How are your actions making you, and others around you, better? Keep at it!

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