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A couple weeks ago I met with the Phoenix ChooseFI Local group and it was one of the most amazing meetings ever.

Gathered around a large table were over a dozen people who are taking control of their financial lives.  Some are starting this as a new level goal while others are expanding their financial skills.

There were quick introductions where everyone told a little about their story. Savers. Real estate investors. Small business or side hustlers. I could feel my energy and excitement grow every couple minutes with each new “I’m into this” story.

The attendees (FI’er’s) were ALL interested to learn more and be better with Finances.  Specifically to control their finances and gain financial power for their lives.  It wasn’t like some of those tv/movie “financial seminars” I’d viewed or imaged.  The gung-ho, rah-rah, let’s-go-make-money ideals.  This was a “how do you…”  “How could I…”  …get into the powerful position of money/financial confidence.

So fast forward two weeks and I’m in San Diego (life is great) and I’m able to meet up with another ChooseFI Local group.  Nearly thirty (stars) at a neighborhood church meeting room. Some retired. Some brand new. Some feeling the need to fine tune. Some feeling the need or newfound desire to get their money smacked down and under control.

Again as everyone introduced themselves I felt the energy of grown and experience from these amazing people.  Different people at different stages of finances but all with the same thinking of being in control.

I STRONGLY recommend finding a local ChooseFI group and attending/sharing.  You can quietly listen and/or talk and talk because the group(s) are really easy going and very smart and totally welcoming.  In all honesty, life-changing.

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