FIRE.048 Your Timeline vs Automobiles

[continuing my car theme from my last post]

50 Years: My wife and I were thinking about how things change. Small changes over time add up to huge differences from point A to point B. We thought about her ’69 mustang and how it’s almost 50 years old. Older than me! We thought about the MASSIVE changes in technology over the recent 50 years, such as better braking, stability, computer controlled everything, adaptive cruise control, blind spot sensors, rear cameras, not to mention self-driving cars/semis.

We then thought about how the 69 mustang was hugely different than say a 1918 model T, or even a 1915 high-end Cadillac. This of the open wheels, hand crank, buggy carriage setup, kazoo horn…

Next 50 years: Here’s my next thought—I may be around 50 years from now and be able to witness another of these cycles. It’s possible the cycles will speed up—similar to binary growth/compounding—allowing two-fold of these “cycles” in the next 50 years.

These changes are limitless in automotive, air travel, technology, medicine, science, space travel, even super-duper-earth-travel?

[This is the positive way to look at future “progress/growth” rather than the stressful FIRE thoughts about inflation and how much more everything will cost in the future. Those mid 60’s mustangs were around $2500 new. In today’s dollars, that would equal about $20,000. Projecting forward just seems scary. If the average new car today is $30k, then it would be possible a new car in 2057 could be $250k.]

Hold on for the amazing future:

Can you even imagine the future you will be part of?

How can we prepare our financial lives for such changes?

This is such a great time to be alive and living in this world…and into the future. “Find The Positive!”

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