FIRE.071 WE-Day (WE-dnes-DAYs)

We decided to lock in a day of the week to make sure we do something cool together.  Maybe we’ll do something new, something totally out of the ordinary, maybe something far away, or maybe something small and normal-ish but still together. Even with so much available time in our LifeInFIRE we still find we …Read More

FIRE.053 Financially Sound

I have the hardest time telling (common) people I’m FIRE. What Do You Do? For me, in FIRE it can be very strange when someone asks you “what do you do?”  Being in your 40s, the normal answer is “profession=XYZ,  family=ABC, blah blah blah.”  In my mind, I never thought it would be strange to …Read More

FIRE.50 MMMMM Frosting

I think I’ve found something sweet in life!
Nearly every morning as I wake up I take a few moments to relax and prepare for the day. … There are many wise people that take some time each morning to meditate calming or clearing their mind, so it’s possible I’m doing this in my own way.

FIRE.049 Retirement is Crazy Busy

Just think about this; think about the long holiday weekends when you get a glorious day off. Now there are some people—don’t hate them— who feel like every day is Saturday. The people get to “live off-peak.” My Task list is no longer a to-do list, but rather a loose set of items pretty much centered around my schetchle.

FIRE.043 Holiday Monday

Today is a Federal holiday celebrating “European expansion” as well as a local holiday celebrating local inhabitants.  If you really think about these honoring events, you are sure to be proud. While one of the above celebrates a “new” act and one celebrates the “historical,” I realized only a very few (federal & bank employees?) …Read More

FIRE.042 FIRE ignition,Day 1=free

I wanted to share my FIRE ignition, the final “pages” of corporate life and beginning of FIRE. They are the chapters of my life story, the Acts of my life’s play. I had read Mr. 1500’s final months story and absolutely loved it. I thought my story was so VERY similar in case anyone wanted …Read More

FIRE.041 Time Spent Vacation Planning

I’ve heard over and over than many people spend more time planning their vacation than their financial life. I actually thought this could be true since I feel in the best cases people just think “my work just moved some money into my 401k, I’m good” or “I saved $50 this paycheck.” Those of us—I …Read More