FIRE.068 This is your Brain

What if your brain goes bad?  What if you start to lose control of your functioning?  STOP…and think about this for a few seconds.  In less than 30 minutes yesterday, two family friends released funding campaigns to help them deal with their upcoming brain surgeries.  Just typing this I feel a sense of anxiety at the severity of their medical conditions and how easily this could affect any one of us, or our immediate family.

FIRST, never take your health/life, for granted.  You must ENJOY EVERY DAY.  It doesn’t matter if your FIRE’d, working, going to school, etc—each day is a reward that you should treasure.  Your Health, Happiness, and Family matter most.

In order to treasure your day/life you need to be aware of the amazing-ness we posses.  I don’t know what other creatures have the same level of comprehension that we have, but I’d like to hope that human comprehension is on the highest level and that we use this comprehension to better everything.

If you are reading this you are smart, driven, and you put your brain to good use.  It’s obvious because you take the time —and put in the effort—to learn.  Your brain is vital to your lifestyle and goals, not to mention your body’s ability to function.

We know science is progressing quite rapidly to understand the body/brain, but take some time now to prep your brain for the long term.  It’s my understanding that this includes blood-pumping exercise, eating clean foods, practicing zen-ness, feeling love, and helping what’s around you.


Brain/medical issues can strike anyone.  The two family friends are a young woman with three children and an older woman with three children.  Not only are these mothers dealing with the issues related to the diagnosis, but so are their children and grandchildren.  These families are dealing with such pain.

As for our personal abilities to help in this time of need, it looks like we will be able to help some financially, as well as with housing and assistance during this treatment time to allow for more energy to be spent on recovery.  FIRE continues to be a gift to allow us to help—and spend time with—those we care about.

Please take action to enjoy each day, take care of yourself, take care of others and try and plan for alternate futures.


*** Nothing in this article is to be construed as financial advice.  I am not a financial planner, nor do I pretend to be.  You should always consult your own professional when seeking advice.


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