FIRE.032 5/20 = 20/50, what?

I’m talking YEARS here! 5, 20, 50 years.

The span of 5 years when you’re 15 to 20, seems to feel about the same elapsed time as say 20 years when you turn 50. I’m serious here.

Those long 5 years when you’re young are a big chunk of time. You may go through many living situations, multiple relationships (with people or employers) and so many experiences.

When you’re nearing 50 and look back 20 years, WHOA, how time flies. Maybe you were in a similar routine over those 20 years. Maybe you had some sort of super stable life and 27 became 47 so quickly.

To me, this is some form of time-warp of life.

Think I’m wrong? Think about how LONG the school year took when you were in high school. 9 months seemed like forever until summer vacation. You had day after day of sitting in classes, at stupid desks, listening (or not) to something you weren’t interested in, maybe while it was nice (definitely nicer) outside.

I’m sure you will agree, that as an adult 9 months zips by in the blink of a few sunrises/sunsets… You really notice this time warp if you happen to live in a location that has very little seasonal change like the south, west, even Hawaii? All of a sudden a few years have passed. Or you ask “when was it that we did XYZ” and realize it wasn’t “two years ago,” but rather SIX years ago.

In terms of financial sense, don’t wait to start saving and investing. You will lose all those [time warp] years of contributions/savings deposits and their compounding. For all the new purchase items you think you need, you may not realize how quickly—seemingly immediately—those items become “old.” It must be really cool to be a wise old man, but it seems like it would be so much better to get some of that wisdom early on.

Don’t become “warped out.” Take the time to find some enjoyment every day. Find some zen in your morning routine, find something special from your day, or in your evening routine. Use the opportunity of a new month—or quarter— to realize all the great things that have happened. I guess ‘they’ are right YOLO!

Side note: after writing this post, I saw a big truck who’s license plate said “BROYOLO.” That’s Zen.

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