FIRE.037 What and I doing here?

With SO much FIRE information online it got me thinking, what am I doing? Why do I add words to the interweb? Why?

There are already so many amazing blogs. Many are from smart people in FIRE and more from people leading up to FIRE. Not to mention those planning way in advance for FIRE.

There are so many perspectives: people with/without pensions, people with/without kids, people who spend very little, people who spend more than a little. There are those who are in “FIRE” even though their spouse still works—I thought that was called “stay at home someone…” There are so many different perspectives.

I have realized that:

1) sometimes I can find people who are close to my situation. This is great.

2) sometimes people who have different situations who also have the same mindset—some don’t.

3) sometimes people who are far from FIRE, yet have great perspective and refresh my ideas—some of which I had a decade ago—this rejuvenates my thoughts.

4) I sure like the snide people. It’s obvious they are proud of being different (those thinking/living FI are very different from the masses). They don’t mind pointing “things” out—things other people do that seems strange or even negative.

5) FI bloggers (and podcasters) are very special people. There is so much to learn from everyone.

6) I’ve realized that I’m not a social media promoter anything. I don’t get active and promote myself trying to jack up my passive income (I should self-promote my bad ass self, but I’m sure that’s only in *my* head). Maybe someday I’ll yell, “I’ve got this!”

So, why am I here? I just enjoy getting my thoughts and perspectives out of my head and onto the screen. I like to keep my thoughts pretty short since I don’t pay myself by the word. No need to ramble on in too much detail. I don’t know who reads these thoughts, but I know these thoughts are successful—they have been for me for decades so far.

So I’m just sharing thoughts a few times a month. Hopefully, some of my thoughts will spark something great for you too. I love my life.

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