FIRE.039 Any Day, Any Time !

Any day, any time, anything I want.

Yesterday after my morning workout (9-10a) I was walking around a little to cool down and realized, I can do anything I want for the rest of the day. I absolutely own my schetchle today—actually most every day.

If you’re not FIREd, let me tell you, this is one of the magical moments—those moments you feel your freedom. Freedom all the way to your core. Yes, it’s obvious that almost every day I have my choices on what I want to do, but some moments it just hits you how special life can be.

Of course, we do not have kids, so there are no demands on our time from children. I’m sure there are blogs to help you optimize your time while raising/having a family. Those ideas must be extremely important for a life balance.

So for my day the immediate choices we something like this:

  • Hang out on my deck reading, relaxing, trying meditation (napping), enjoying life.
  • Tuning out and having a movie day and just relaxing (recovering from my exercise).
  • Walking around the neighborhood or on the beach for a while. Sitting on the beach and doing some of the above “deck-type” activities.
  • Using the computer to read and learn. Read my magazines or newspapers.
  • Take my scooter for a spin along the California coast.
  • Go shopping, run errands
  • Clean house/organize my life better.
  • Visit with neighbors who happen to be around.
  • Have a cocktail combined with activities above (safe activities)

So what did I do? It turns out all of the above except napping, vegging with the TV, and shopping. No need to waste away my time in front of the TV or waste my money entertainment shopping.

I rode my scooter around a little. I looked at the ocean for a while, I sat on my deck and read a little— both equal relaxing. I organized some of my stuff, I completed my Rubik’s cube using the web instructions, I visited with half a dozen neighbors in our trailer park (trailer life can be AWESOME). We also took our dog for a walk around the neighborhood. My wife joined me on many of my activities.

At the end of the day, I was tired from all my freedom—but in such a special way.

As you live your life toward FIRE, never forget—EVERY day is a good day. Enjoy as much as you can.

Oh, total cost= about 50 cents in scooter gas and $3.39 for an in/out burger (sometimes you just have to live it up a little.

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