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One week you’re living your normal life—grinding away in a Monday thru Friday, then weekend—repeated routine, then BAM, the new temporary normal begins.

I’ve frequently shared the thought of “enjoy each day” with an attempt to bring a little centering to our lives.  The—stop and take a minute to exist in the now— that was my thinking.

Well, this today, the today we all live in, is radically different from the weekly grind of the past— it changed, in a flash.

There’s a silent sickness—a silent killer—out there and the world needs to be protective of lives.  That’s the program we’re all trying to follow.

I sure hope everyone’s normal employment activities fall back into place as the threat passes.  I hope that people who need a constant income are able to generate that income.  I hope—oh, how I hope—that households learned from the Great Recession (and other personal challenges) that employment can change over time and the only best plan for maintaining your lifestyle is to have financial assets set aside for your upcoming expenses.

  • Side note: I also hope that people previously put a health plan into place for both physical and mental health.  Often, in the daily/weekly grind of life, we put ourselves on the back burner and focus (solely) on the fires in front of us.  Now is a time when you want your physical health (immune system) to be primed to fight back against the nasty virus, as well as your mental health strong enough to survive a long period of safety isolation and serious existential stress.

At this point, it’s been over three weeks of isolation for my family (extended family as well) and we’re holding up pretty good.  Many of us are managing cash flow and have a good plan to manage incoming bills/expenses.  That’s a rarity.

My family is also doing well with our nicer spring weather, allowing us to be outside, feeling the sun, getting vitamin D, even doing some movement while maintaining social distancing.  Social distancing has been hard for some, while others find no issue with being in their own thoughts and activities.  This is where personalities show great difference.

Personally, we are FIREd, we spend the base of our time at home.  We used to go out to activities often enough and therefore we’ve have had to adjust our life a little, but not drastically.  I’ve noticed from many FI/FIREd peers that life isn’t that different.  I’ve noticed many have said they shifted early and purchased food and verified family members were set for the upcoming unknown.  The perspective I’ve seen is that they are not behind in preparation because they had some time (not at work) to prepare. FIrus activities.

No matter what your working schedule is, it’s important to think ahead.  Think ahead related to saving.  Think ahead related to health.  Realize you have extra hours each day to think of how to help others around you.

Please use any part of your FInancial Smartness to prepare and help, no matter what lies ahead.  Encourage those who need help to share their concerns.  We’re all in this together—we really are.

*** Nothing in this article is to be construed as financial advice.  I am not a financial planner, nor do I pretend to be.  You should always consult your own professional when seeking advice.

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