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I’ve been struggling so much over the past few weeks on how I can help others.  My introverted nature is being overtaken by some force that wants to help others.  This isn’t really abnormal, but much harder to deal with in the shelter-at-home scenario in play.

The problem I have is, I want to get out there to help those around me.  To help others with basic necessities and make sure they have what they need during this lockdown (“social isolation” sounds so friendly when it sucks for so many—exactly the same as stupid “social media” sucks for so many reasons).

My dilemma is, I cannot go out and be around people, even if that is what’s required in order to purchase items for people who need help.  I have multiple family members in my life who need me to help them with actions at different times.  I do budgeting, technical stuff, home stuff, etc.   I cannot risk catching the virus and exposing them, or even lessening my ability to help them with normal activities if I get sick.   I must isolate myself from others, 100%.

But, I came up with two ways to help different groups. 

  • 1) a way to make their lockdown and subsequent emergence more fulfilling
  • 2) an easy process for them to follow to be extra safe.

I decided to use my teaching/training skills to help others.  I am lucky because I’ve taught some computer classes online over the past decade so it seemed extremely normal for me. 

The first course I taught was “How To Learn Everything: Internet Video.”  I went through Entertainment, Edutainment, and Education.  I shared and demonstrated multiple online sites—both paid and free—to show so many different options from 10 minutes topics, to hour/multi-hour, to multi-week courses from major universities.  [In the following weeks’ people have shared learning everything from Photography to Physics to Beekeeping—amazing]

The second course that popped into my head was “From Apples to Zucchinis: Online Grocery Shopping.”  I demonstrated multiple grocery shopping sites, demonstrated item selection, using the shopping cart, buying a little extra, accounting for out-of-stock when picking/substitutions, etc.  Then we talked about the acquisition of said groceries through home delivery or curbside pickup.  Oh, and for a bonus, I demonstrated a few local restaurant websites for delivery/curbside pickup, including one that sold kitchen staples (rice, bread, eggs, meat).  This course was given to seniors through Osher Lifelong Learning.

These are two different examples of ways I used my geek skills to try and help others pass the time/learn, and stay safer when purchasing food.

Do you have additional abilities to help others beyond your current sharing?  You don’t necessarily need to sit and process something, just be open to the exciting light bulb thought that pops into your head.  Then take action for others.

*** Nothing in this article is to be construed as financial advice.  I am not a financial planner, nor do I pretend to be.  You should always consult your own professional when seeking advice.

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