FIRE.083 Do You See Outside the Headlights?

Do you live each day with enjoyment?  Do the events that unfold throughout the day add to your satisfaction?     [please say yes]

We have a family member who is getting older and lives each day with enjoyment, excitement, and passion.  That is so much of what we all want in our own lives.  The hard part of this story is that most of their thoughts are in those daily moments.  The past activities are not as bright and visible.

Senior Moments:

As we age, we all have some brain connections that slip or miss.  These often have been referred to as “senior moments.”  That makes sense as they happen more frequently as we get older.  They can be simple things like you can’t quite remember the name of a business or exact location.  At first, it seems the reason you can’t recall the information is that you didn’t pay full attention at the time of the action or other things have come up since that activity.  Yes, that is true, but it’s also because our brain synapses’ just aren’t firing and connecting quite as well as they used to in processing information.

Headlight Range:

The analogy I envision is to think about driving at night on a quiet country road.  What you’re concentrating on is the activity right in front of you.  Sure, you can also see a little way up the road with some headlight glare.  But just outside those bright lights, the view somewhat darker.  The activities are right there, just outside the brightness, but they are hard to make out clearly.

Think about looking in your rearview mirror.  Immediately behind your car may be visible, or somewhat visible because your taillights give some light, but farther back, it can be very dark and hard to recognize.

If there are streetlights, business lights/signs, highway signs, other car headlights, those will help you see outside your own headlight area.  I feel like those helping lights are people around you who are with you and possibly assisting you.

My question, is living within the headlight visibility area OK?  Sure, if you see the brightness is the day, in the activities.  If you concentrate on those areas that are dark, then you may not feel as positive about your life journey.

Enjoy Each Day:

Whatever we do in life, I really believe finding the positive and enjoying your day—whatever’s in your visual/visible range—may be the most important thing we can do for ourselves and others.

If possible, strengthen your own shining light with exercise, diet, social interactions, whatever it may take.  One morning we will all not see the morning light, so enjoy each day!

*** Nothing in this article is to be construed as financial advice.  I am not a financial planner, nor do I pretend to be.  You should always consult your own professional when seeking advice.

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