FIRE.130 Market high=Horrific low

I was just thinking how nothing in life is required to match up timing-wise. 

It is a fact that the all-time record close of the S&P500/Total Market Index EOQ has my acct/worth level at its highest point so far. It is so interesting how over time investments through ownership in corporations just tend to go up.  It is amazing how the army of dollar bills invested just seem to march off to work each day, and I don’t have to.

Today’s thoughts on my net-worth high are very unique because I’m lying in a hospital bed recovering from an intestinal blockage. It was technically small intestine obstruction. Let’s be clear the term “small” referred to the intestine size NOT the FREAKING PAIN of the full blockage. It turns out the blockage was in the best part (small) of my intestines allowing for a nice surgical remediation.

The highs and lows of life do not necessarily match up.

I’m now back home and doing fantastic.  I learned many interesting things in the past week.  Many of my learnings have no relationship to each other, but the correlation to my life, in general, is remarkable.  I have a deep belief that at every point in our life— in our individual days—we need to keep learning, to keep improving ourselves.

I’ve learned all about how the intestines are the same as the bowel.  I’ve learned even more about how my gastrointestinal tract works.  Looking back now, I’ve learned how my body was reacting to my super healthy diet over the past two decades and how my pandemic experiment of a short time-restricted eating/intermittent fasting window can cause chaos when packing too much fiber into a 6-hour window.  This is especially true based on the fact there was probably ongoing loopage for a decade+. So pushing yourself forward may have unintended consequences.

I’ve learned how in the middle of the night (or all-night-long) when you have SEVERE pain, that only a few things matter.  Finding calmness and working on breath work must be an amazing strength for some.  I barely held it together until heading to the Emergency Room at 6am on Sunday.

I’ve learned once again, how modern medicine is unbelievable, absolutely mind-boggling.  Within 45 minutes of arrival at the ER, the CT scan showed my exact blockage location.  Medical treatments (ie morphine) get the body stabilized so quickly. 

I’m now trying to take my time—to “be a patient, patient.”  I’m forcing my activity level to be near zero (for a week+ now) and to ignore my complete lack of post-surgery pain to allow for a full return to service activity.  I’m repeating “these 30 days, set up the next 30 YEARS.”  No need to screw up my innards because I feel I need a 10k run.

SO many changes in the course of 8 days.

I’ve said so many times, in so many discussions that “nothing matters more than your health” and “you’re only one doctor’s visit away from bad news—you or your family.”  Those words ring even more true to me now.

I’m doing great.  I’m resting my body for 2-4 weeks.  I was probably due for a chunk of rest after 20+ years of pushing my physical activities. 

It’s wise to realize and remember that the highs and the lows may not track in unison.  Sadly, opposites can occur at the exact same time.

*** Nothing in this article is to be construed as financial advice.  I am not a financial planner, nor do I pretend to be.  You should always consult your own professional when seeking advice. This post is not a piece of literary mastery, just a random thought I had.

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