FIRE.023 Xmas Revelation(s)

I give myself the best Christmas present every year. I create a plan to have three (or so) Christmas Revelations for the upcoming year.

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. That’s too common place. Besides, I want a head start on great new improvements/changes. It’s a present to myself.

To me, these revelations are things not yet realized. Opportunities to gain or enhance something for me. They don’t just succeed or fail, but rather grow, a little or a lot.

The revelations can be toward a measurable goal, but I chose more of a direction/path to undertake.

Xmas 2015 was Weight, Meditate, Elevate.

  • Weight-remove those 5-10 pounds that appeared recently – all done and then some.
  • Meditate-still working to be more zen, more mindful. Umm, this I may be doing wrong because I can’t stop my mind. Instead, I’ve tried to calm my mind a little while savoring in my great life. – Moderate success on this. Maybe I just need a different smartphone app (meditate for overly active brainers).
  • Elevate my knowledge. I’ve signed up for Udemy,, WordPress, web courses-picked parts I liked to learn. I’ve attended FinCon. I’ve read more books/articles and informational TV shows (does Ancient Aliens count?). – I’m definitely smarter than last year. Though I’m not sure if it’s useful knowledge or not.

So what am I thinking for this Xmas? Maybe more protein in my diet, more knowledge, travel (or travel planning), more helping?

I still have time to pull together some good revelations, with a plan and a direction for each. Will they have measurable targets? Maybe they will. Does it matter if I reach that target? Nope. It’s the journey, not the destination. I just hope to point myself in the right (bettering) direction and let my schetchle work.

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