FIRE.066 Yola’s Loving Energy (sad)

My little dog Yola has been a HUGE part of our lives for almost 13 years.  Being FIREd—as well as working from home for about 6 years before FIRE—we spent all day, most days with our little Yola.  She’s the sweetest, loving, most trusting dog and companion anyone could ever wish to spend life with.

Yola’s loving energy was returned to the universe a couple days ago.  That’s the way I have to think about this because we’re so heartbroken.

We lost Yola to illness, actually multiple illnesses.  We spent a lot of money and time trying to keep her healthy but the universe said our time together was complete.  Now little Yola’s energy and memory are with us in a different form.  We are so heartbroken most people cannot understand.

I write this post, not only as a tribute and thank you for her, but in reference to the power of FIRE.

FIRE not only allowed us to spend so much time with Yola over the years, but FIRE allowed us get Yola into the vet on Friday at noon when she was feeling bad, and then the specialist Monday at 10a.  Most people don’t have the ability to get away from work to get the instant vet appointments.  We did.

Sadly, but more important, FIRE allowed us to spend full-time with her over her last few days.  We knew we had to schedule the vet to come over and release her energy, but we were so fortunate to love her for hours and hours the final few days with nothing else interfering for our time together.  That was pretty priceless.

Possibly the only negative of FIRE was being able to spend so many years with Yola full-time and the closeness that it allowed the three of us, which caused such pain at the end.

It’s been a few weeks now—I had to pause my writing because it was too hard—and our home still has a huge hollowness (we feel it 24 hours a day) because of my 16 pound baby is not with us.

We love you Yola !

 with all of our hearts.

2 thoughts on “FIRE.066 Yola’s Loving Energy (sad)

  1. Idaho Happy Farmgirl

    Yola will always have a special place forever in your hearts. We are dog lovers too and I already dread the day should we lose our Sallie and Dillie. They bring so much joy and unconditional love, words can not express the bond. I am sure your love for Yola gave her a very happy life. My sincere sympathy goes out to you and your wife.

    1. Kevin Post author

      Thank you. MONTHS later we talk about Yola most every day. Life has many treasures, you know this when you feel them in your heart. Enjoy every wag with Sallie and Dillie!


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