FIRE.008 Health, Happy, Family

Quick, concentrate on your foundational priorities. What are they? Do you embrace each of these every day? Maybe multiple times per day?

I’ve mentioned before that when I go to bed, it is my favorite time of the day. NO, not for the reason you may be thinking about. I find that I think clearly for those 10-15 minutes before I fall asleep. Maybe it’s because I’m relaxed knowing tomorrow is all mine—my day, my schetchle, for my things (yes “things”) But it is also because I think about the day behind me, very often a day that I’ve truly enjoyed. Quite possibly a day in which I learned new skills or knowledge, or maybe helped someone with something they needed.

To be truly transparent, I feel like I need to give more. I believe there is much more I can do to help others. Doing more for others is a goal of mine. I once heard of someone’s goal to help three people each day. It could be something nice to do—even small task like answering a question—or fixing/helping with something. I like to do this with my technology skills. I speak to groups, I help people with their computers/devices, I even starting writing my thoughts on this blog to help give others a different perspective.

To get back on topic, I’ll review my current three important aspects to my life:

Health—this is VERY important, absolutely foundational—to maintain good physical health so you can enjoy your life to the best of your abilities. If your health is poor, you may have increased stress, require additional effort to perform tasks, or live/suffer in pain. Your health level depends on your specific body, but you can improve any level of health. Being strong and energetic allows so many opportunities for me. At a moment’s notice, I can go for a run or bike ride with friends. I can jump into a pickup hockey game or take my paddleboard out. I can go for a hike in the mountains by my home. I can get out, get active, enjoy nature, enjoy the world outside—basically do what I want. It’s much better than looking out the window from my old work cubical, even if my desk had a great view.

Happy—Are you working to keep your attitude in a positive, healthy perspective? This makes so much of your day and life the best it can be. Yes, I’m a cautious, even skeptical person, but I see the good things in life. I find life great and wonderful. I consciously look to “find the positive” in situations. And yes, that can definitely take effort. I work every day on positive. (Yes, that sentence is exactly how I meant it) Everyone has different happiness items, think what makes you happy—all the many ways for you to find happiness.

Family—If you strive for good health and happiness you should have the energy and desire to give more to others, your family first—in a manner that they deserve. When it all comes back to basics, your family loves you more than anyone. It’s your job to love them back more than anyone else.

If these three priorities don’t fit your life, what are your top 3 priorities? How do they help you live better, and make you better?

One thought on “FIRE.008 Health, Happy, Family

  1. Tracy Austin

    Health. Happy. Family.
    I think with my life of an already planned calendar including: work, trasporting, commuting, managing finances, chores, and volunteering as much as possible, I forget to ask myself why. Why am I tired, why am I anxious-not wanting to be late, why is my schedule so jammed pack with everything else? Why?
    These three areas should be scheduled first and then the others fit in where they may, but not to the point of exhaustion.
    Now to implement.


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