FIRE.005 Schetchle your life

Did you ever have something huge explode from the simplest of things? Maybe a life change from some small occurrence. Maybe a new friendship from crossing paths accidentally. Maybe a new job from a chance meeting. Maybe your relationship from a little spark? Sometimes acting on that one simple thing may lead to something great. Maybe.

So, one morning while I was sitting in my spa (as others commuted to work—it’s a rough life, I know), I was thinking about my upcoming day—my items of focus for the day. I thought how my “schedule” was just “sketched” out to give me a rough plan for the days/weeks/months. I thought, “I have a schetchle.” My schetchle allows the flexibility to shift most everything I have to do to fit my mood/energy level of the day. It’s not only small tasks, even some trips can be shifted by days or weeks if I feel different than when I placed them on my schetchle.

I cannot tell you how many times my very organized wife wants to strangle me when trying to schedule a joint appointment. If you recall in the “FIRE to me” post, I stated first and foremost I wanted to get away from the formalized, structured schedule of the 7a-5p work life.

I maintain a VERY detailed calendar. I’m super organized. However, I love my flexibility each day/week. This flexibility requirement of mine is what leads my wife to hate when I shift things around on my schetchle. Say I don’t feel like going to the gym on Monday, I just shift it to Tuesday. That seems logical to me. Of course, there are “real” appoints, often with others that I cannot change—and that is perfectly acceptable.

I feel I can optimize my time better while still being flexible. Imagine taking on the tasks that you only WANT to do—if possible. Each item it performed with a much more positive attitude, hopefully resulting in a more optimal result. A schetchle is so much lower stress than a schedule.

The crazy thing is, the hardest part of this schetchle has been trying to figure out how to spell is and not overlap with other internet/urban dictionary terms. Sketchle, sketchdle, sketchdule, schetchle, schetchdle. What a waste of 2 or 3 hours!


I felt my schetchle idea had to be published because so many people get stressed over their schedules. This one word—schetchle—lead me to start this blog. How is it that one word, based on the principle of flexibility lead to such a large amount of effort? Sometimes a little idea can produce an exponential result. Not that this is earth shaking, but extremely valuable to me.

Do you wonder what your next idea will be?

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